Iron Ore is a valuable resource in V Rising that is used to craft weapons. Here's where to find it.

V Rising: Where to Find Iron Ore

Iron Ore is a valuable resource in V Rising that is used to craft weapons. Here's where to find it.

Iron Ore is a valuable resource in V Rising, which can be smelted into Iron Ingots and used for crafting more powerful weapons. Iron Ore is one tier above Copper Ore, and can be obtained in a handful of different ways and areas throughout the world map. In this guide, we’ll take you through all the steps needed to obtain some.

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How to Get Iron Ore in V Rising

How to Mine Iron Ore

Before you seek out any Iron Ore, you’re going to want to make sure you’re equipped to mine it. This requires a Merciless Copper Mace, which can be crafted with a Copper Mace, two Crude Topaz, four Leather, and eight Whetstone at a Simple Workbench.

You will require the Merciless Copper Weapons Research Book in order to craft this, which can be obtained in one of two ways.

First, you can use 50 Paper to obtain a random technology from the Research Desk, of which there is a small chance to receive Merciless Copper Weapons.

Alternatively, you can rely on receiving the book as an enemy drop. Clive the Firestarter, a Level 30 boss has the highest likelihood of dropping it. He can be found in the Bandit Sulfur Quarry in the deep southwest of the map.

Once you have all the necessary materials, you can go ahead and craft your Merciless Copper Mace. Now, you are equipped to mine Iron Ore.

Where to Find Iron Ore

Iron Ore can be found in a few different locations throughout the map. One of the best places to scavenge for it is the Cursed Forest, though this may not be your best option is you are low level. The area is intended for Level 60 players, so it would likely be more trouble than its worth if you aren’t up in the ranks quite yet. If you are well-equipped, however, it is a great location to search.

For players not feeling up to that, there is a great farming location in the Dunley Farmlands: the Haunted Iron Mine. Here, you can you find more than 40 Iron Ore veins scattered throughout the cave, and that doesn’t even account for the numerous chests you’ll find which may contain harvested Iron Ore.

Once in the cave, finding Iron Ore is quite simple. Just keep an eye out for silver-tinted rocks, and try your best to avoid being killed. The highest level enemies you’ll encounter are Level 36 Skeleton Crossbows, though there are some high-level bosses roaming the mine as well.

The Undead Commander and Meredith the Bright Archer, who are Level 49 and 52 respectively, may be encountered in the cave. If you’re feeling up to it, you can try and take them down, however it is not particularly hard to escape them and get back to mining. It’s up to how you want to play it.

A decent cave expedition into the Haunted Iron Mine will net you quite literally hundreds of Iron Ore, netting you one Iron Ingot for every 15 ore when smelted in a Furnace.

If you want to get to crafting Iron Weapons, you’ll need to build yourself a Smithy, which is a blueprint that is dropped when defeating Quincey the Bandit King. Quincey can be found in the Farebane Woods.

Quincey is a Level 37 boss, so if you fared alright in the Haunted Iron Mines, he should be a relatively easy kill. Once you have the blueprint from him, you can craft yourself a Smithy using 200 Blood Essence, 32 Iron Ingots, and 16 Sulfur, and you will use this for crafting all of your Iron Weapons.

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