V Rising Guide: Best Weapons Tier List

Craft only the best weapons for your vampire using our tier list guide for V Rising.

There are seven types of weapons in V Rising. All of them have regular bone, copper, and iron versions, as well as merciless upgrades that are available for crafting at higher levels, and are considered the best in terms of damage and durability.

Our guide will provide you with a tier list of the best weapons in V Rising, including crafting recipes for their merciless versions. Note that merciless weapons can be crafted only at the smithy.

V Rising: S-Tier Weapons


The faster you are with your attacks in V Rising, the lesser chance enemies have to parry your attacks, or even answer them. The speed of the slashers is incomparable to any other weapon in the game, which makes them highly regarded by the V Rising community.

Both the main attack and the Elusive Strike take no more than 0.2 seconds to execute. The latter one deals 60% of physical damage, allowing you to dash back and forward, effectively dodging enemy attacks in the process.

On top of that you have an ability to become invisible with the help of the Camouflage effect, which also increases your speed and damage.

Merciless Iron Slashers crafting recipe

  • 1 Iron Slashers
  • 3 Regular Amethyst
  • 3 Greater Blood Essence
  • 3 Reinforced Plank


Swords have two important abilities that can be very useful in different combat situations.

Whirlwind will serve you as an AoE that allows you to spin around dealing 35% damage to all nearby enemies, while Shockwave sends a targeted strike that deals 70% damage to an enemy. If you recast this ability, you will be able to teleport to that enemy's location and slice them down with a melee combo.

Merciless Iron Sword crafting recipe

  • 1 Iron Sword
  • 3 Regular Sapphire
  • 3 Greater Blood Essence
  • 3 Reinforced Plank

A-Tier Weapons


If you want to have an advantage in both close and ranged combat, then spear would be an excellent choice.

The Harpoon ability allows you to quickly throw a spear at a target to damage it, and then pulling them back to you for another round of devastating melee attacks.

If you're close to an enemy, then you can use A Thousand Spears attack, which executes a series of stabs that end with a powerful thrust dealing 50% damage.

Merciless Iron Spear crafting recipe

  • 1 Iron Spear
  • 3 Regular Topaz
  • 3 Greater Blood Essence
  • 3 Reinforced Plank


If axes had higher speed of attack, they would be considered on the same level as slashers. But due to slightly longer animations and reduced precision, axes are placed one tier below.

The biggest advantage of the axes is the state of Frenzy, when you can deal 100% physical damage to an enemy. Your speed of movement at this moment increases by 25%.

The X-Strike combo, which utilizes two axes in both hands, also has a very high damage output at around 85%.

Merciless Iron Axes crafting recipe

  • 1 Iron Axes
  • 3 Regular Ruby
  • 3 Greater Blood Essence
  • 3 Reinforced Plank

B-Tier Weapons


Although maces are generally very slow, they deal a solid amount of damage, at times even overshadowing the top-tier weapons.

For example, the Crushing Blow attack smacks an opponent with 110% physical damage and causes fading snare. Unfortunately, the speed of this attack is too slow at only 0.7 seconds, which can be easily dodged.

Merciless Iron Mace crafting recipe

  • 1 Iron Mace
  • 3 Regular Topaz
  • 3 Greater Blood Essence
  • 3 Reinforced Plank


This type of weapon may not have the highest stats, but it is specifically designed to kill the undead.

Its melee attack Tendon Swing deals 125% damage to the undead, and the ranged attack Howling Reaper can catch them in the distance. But don't expect this weapon to perform too well with other types of enemies.

Merciless Iron Reaper crafting recipe

  • 1 Iron Reaper
  • 3 Regular Miststone
  • 3 Greater Blood Essence
  • 3 Reinforced Plank


Crossbows are not only terribly slow in V Rising, requiring a whole second to prepare the shot, but they are also limited in application. This game is rough without weapons that can't parry or provide fast melee attacks.

You can still use Rain of Bolts effect, which functions like an AoE that pours fire arrows on enemies from above, but other than that it's a pretty wasteful weapon.

Sanguine Crossbow crafting recipe

  • 1 Dark Silver Crossbow
  • 4 Primal Blood Essence
  • 12 Pristine Leather
  • 16 Imperial Thread

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