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Vampire Survivors: How to Evolve Sharp Tongue

The Imposters Sharp Tongue is cool, but it can be better. Here's how to evolve it.

The Emergency Meeting DLC adds some great new weapons to Vampire Survivors, letting us slay hordes in even deadlier ways. This Among Us crossover has some great items for fans of both games, and in this guide, I’ll show you how to evolve Sharp Tongue.

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How to Get Sharp Tongue in Vampire Survivors’ Emergency Meeting DLC

To get the Sharp Tongue weapon, you have to unlock the character called Crewmember Dino first. Then, you have to evolve the Report! weapon as Dino. After you do that, you’ll unlock the character Imposter Rina, who comes equipped with Sharp Tongue.

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How to Use Sharp Tongue

Like every other weapon in Vampire Survivors, Sharp Tongue will automatically attack after a short cool down period. Imposter Rina will whip out their tongue to the nearest enemy in front of you. So make sure you’re facing the enemies you want to attack. As you gain experience and level up Sharp Tongue, it will become more powerful and attack more often.

How do You Evolve Sharp Tongue into Impostongue?

Luckily, unlike Report!, you don’t have to survive the onslaught of enemies for 15 minutes this time to evolve this weapon. To evolve Sharp Tongue, you’ll need to meet two conditions on the Polus Replica Map. First, you’ll need to get Sharpe Tongue to Level 8. Then You’ll need to get a Mini Imposter to Level 3. After these criteria are met, the next treasure chest will evolve the Sharp Tongue into the Impostongue.

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You can find the Mini Imposter in the room right in the middle of the map, where the Mini Crewmember would usually be. You can also get it through leveling up, though going that route is completely random — and I definitely don’t suggest relying on the game’s RNG.

To level up both quickly, I recommend leveling up AOE moves like Garlic since it can take out a lot of enemies once and get those sweet experience points. I also like to level up my movement speed so I can run away from enemies easier. But that’s how to evolve Sharp Tongue in Vampire Survivors. Check out our tips and tricks over at our dedicated VS guides hub.

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