Want more people to play your Super Mario Maker levels? Share them

Making a good level in Super Mario Maker is enough effort as it is, luckily sharing your levels is a much less time consuming process.

Making a good level in Super Mario Maker is enough effort as it is, luckily sharing your levels is a much less time consuming process.

It’s hard to say whether I like making or playing levels more in Super Mario Maker. The community is absolutely brimming with creativity, and good portion of the game’s player base is just as eager for good levels as it is to make them.

Simply pressing “Upload” after you’re done making your levels shouldn’t be the end if you want them to get more players. There are a few online communities packed with fellow level makers eager for good levels to play and more exposure for their own creations. This is the easiest and most consistent way to get more people into your levels.

Some Super Mario Maker YouTubers and Twitch streamers will also take level submissions to play on stream. This isn’t totally common nor do you have a guarantee your level will be played — so while submitting a stellar level to a YouTuber or streamer isn’t a terrible idea, it’s not one you should rely on.

No matter where you decide to list your levels, make sure you hop over to the Super Mario Maker Bookmark website and tag them as soon as they’re uploaded. Today, we’re talking about how to get more plays for Super Mario Maker levels.

So where can you share your levels?

There are a few community options that are above the rest in terms of activity, which is what you want if you’re trying to get your levels out there.

The very first option is the most obvious, and that is…


The Miiverse should be your first stop on your road to level promotion if only because of the convenience. You’re on your Wii U already and it’s super easy to hop over to the Super Mario Maker Miiverse community and make a post asking people to try your level.

You’re not going to get a ton of Feedback from a Miiverse post and because so many submit threads so often, it’s going to get flooded out pretty quickly. But it’s a start and it’s better than nothing.

Some makers will draw pictures to promote their levels as well, which tends to be more effective than just opening a new discussion on Miiverse. Unfortunately not everyone (myself included) is so artistically inclined. If you are, it’s definitely worth whipping up a quick sketch to draw attention.

GameFAQs SMM Level Sharing board

What? You’ve been to the GameFAQs board for the game and didn’t see any level sharing? Did you perhaps overlook the level sharing sub-board?

The Super Mario Maker Level Sharing board is one of the best places you’re going to find for direct feedback on your levels. The board may not be as fast-moving as some of the other options in this article, but it is probably the best place for feedback for anyone serious about their level-making.

The primary board for the game is pretty great, too. But it’s not meant for level sharing.

Nintendo Life SMM level sharing section

This one’s a little out of the way when compared to the other communities here, but there’s no denying the amount of levels that make it way onto Nintendo Life’s level sharing section. Just don’t expect to get much in the way of feedback.

One thing that’s different here from the others is the sheer amount of tags used to categorize levels, which is nice if you (or others) are looking for particular components or level types.

This one isn’t a must-use, but it’s still handy and yet another way to promote your levels and the varied tags make finding certain types of levels much easier.

The Super Mario Maker subreddit

This may be the most obvious place to go outside of Miiverse, and it’s well-worth it.

The Super Mario Maker subreddit isn’t just a great place to share your levels, it’s also pretty amazing for feedback. You can make your own thread to share your levels or slap them into the sub’s regular level exchange threads with a snazzy description.

Like the primary GameFAQs SMM board, the subreddit is also packed with discussion over mechanics and level design. It’s a great place to get involved in whether you’re a new or experienced maker.

These four communities are some of your best options for sending more players your way. If you make good levels, they will come — but more will give your creations a try if you just stick your neck out there a bit and get involved with the Super Mario Maker community outside of the game itself and Bookmark.

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