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Warcraft Rumble: Best Characters Tier List

Create a team of the top units with the help of our best characters tier list in Warcraft Rumble.

There are many characters in Warcraft Rumble that can make up a powerful team when properly selected per team deck. Our guide will provide you with a best characters tier list in the game, including their strengths and weaknesses.

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Best Characters Tier List in Warcraft Rumble

Here’s a quick breakdown of our tier list of the best characters in Warcraft Rumble:

S-Tier Characters


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  • Damage: 70
  • HP: 780

The two best features of Quilboar are his Unbound trait, which allows you to place him anywhere on the map, and his Tunnel Vision talent, which lets you cast him much quicker than any other characters in the game. He may not have the highest damage, but his attacks are fast, and he’s resistant to elemental damage.

Defias Bandits

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  • Damage: 30
  • HP: 120

You’ll need Defias Bandits to make that extra gold using their Pick Lock ability, which earns you two extra gold every time you open a chest. On top of that, they can become invisible to enemy units using their Stealth trait. But once you reveal them, use Cheap Shot attack to stun your enemies.


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  • Damage: 170
  • HP: 220

Pyromancer is the best AoE elemental damage unit in the game. I strongly recommend using its Conflagrate ability as often as you can, as it doubles the area of effect on all its damage. But that’s not it, as you can triple your damage using the Pyroblast talent.

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A-Tier Characters


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  • Damage: 140
  • HP: 150

Flying characters are excellent because they can move really fast through the lanes, quickly reaching the enemy leader. Harpies also deal poison damage using the Infectious Swipe attack. If you want to double their physical damage, then use Talon Dive instead.

Earth Elemental

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  • Damage: 70
  • HP: 940

Here’s the best tanky unit in the game, with lots of HP and armor. Due to its Siege Damage trait, it can deal double the damage to enemy towers. But I personally would choose the Obsidian Shard ability, as it creates two elementals upon death.


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  • Damage: 150
  • HP: 400

Although Huntress isn’t a flying unit, it does move fast on the lanes due to its swift black panther mount. But her main ability is Darnassian Steel, which throws a glaive that bounces off the lane walls, dealing ranged damage to multiple enemies.

B-Tier Characters

Whelp Eggs

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  • Damage: 110
  • HP: 130

The second best flying unit in the game is a Whelp, but it can’t be deployed as effectively as Harpies. Initially, you can place the eggs anywhere on the map, but they hatch only once they’re attacked. Use this tactic to lure and trap enemies, dealing burn damage upon hatching with the Flame Burst ability.

Stonehoof Tauren

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  • Damage: 150
  • HP: 1,720

Although Stonehoof Tauren has almost twice as much HP as Earth Elemental, it doesn’t have the Armored trait, which makes the Elemental so much more effective at soaking damage. But this character is still very tanky, and it can charge at enemy targets, dealing extra damage.

S.A.F.E. Pilot

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  • Damage: 170
  • HP: 210

This unit is made for taking out enemy leaders, as you can play it anywhere on the map. But once it deploys, it falls on the target and explodes, dealing plenty of elemental damage. But other than that, it can’t do much. It does have the Gnomish Muttonizer ability, which transforms enemy units into sheep.

That’s it for our tier list of the best characters in Warcraft Rumble. Stay tuned for more WR tips and tricks articles right here.

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