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Warcraft Rumble: Top 10 Best Leaders Ranked

Empower your team with the strongest leader using our list of the Top 10 best leaders ranked in Warcraft Rumble.

A chosen leader can make or break the game for you, possessing special leader abilities that synergize with specific units. Our guide will provide you with a list of the top 10 best leaders ranked in Warcraft Rumble, including their strengths, weaknesses, traits, and talents.

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Here’s a quick breakdown of our Top 10 best leaders in Warcraft Rumble:

Tirion Fordring

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  • Damage: 120
  • HP: 700

Tirion is a tanky armored unit with healing abilities, and he’s become the most sought-out leader in Warcraft Rumble. He can easily withstand the damage from the enemy towers, as his armor absorbs 50% of that incoming damage. Tirion also has a huge HP pool that allows him to stay on the lanes as long as needed. As a leader, he can use the Holy Light ability, which heals all nearby allies.

Tirion Fordring Talents

  • Divine Shield: At 30% health, acquires a magical barrier that absorbs all damage for 5 seconds.
  • By The Light: Heals the main target for twice as much.
  • Consecrate: Destroys foes within the area of effect by consecrating it.

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Baron Rivendare

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  • Damage: 190
  • HP: 1,040

Although Baron Rivendare has no such powerful healing capabilities as Tirion, his armor is just as strong as that of Tirion, and he can deal elemental damage. His base HP is also much higher, allowing him to stay alive for a long time, and his mobility is quite impressive, too. But Baron’s main perk as a leader is his ability to summon skeletons using his unique Army of the Dead ability.

Baron Rivendare Talents

  • Chill Of The Grave: Summons Skeletal Mages instead of Skeletal Warriors.
  • Death Pact: Sacrifices a Skeleton for Healing.
  • Skeletal Frenzy: The nearest Skeleton allies gain Bloodlust.

Rend Blackhand

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  • Damage: 140
  • HP: 1,200

Flying leaders are truly special, and Rend Blackhand is the best of them all. He has the ability to mount vehicles and dismount them once they’re destroyed. He can continue fighting on foot, or he could choose another mount or vehicle to fly on. On top of that, he deals powerful elemental damage, and his health allows him to absorb lots of damage. I find his leader ability Blacken the Skies to be the best in the game, as it makes all your flying units cost 1 less Gold.

Rend Blackhand Talents

  • Scale and Steel: Gains extra armor when on foot, and extra resistance when flying.
  • Flaming Soul: Casts a Living Bomb after being dismounted.
  • Legionnaire: Your mount keeps on fighting after being dismounted.

Grommash Hellscream

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  • Damage: 220
  • HP: 1,240

Grommash is all about damage, and the more, the better. He does have a lot of health, but his main trait is Bloodlust, which grants all his allies a 33% bonus to attack power and speed of movement. It can be activated by using his leader ability For the Horde! His main drawback is the attack speed, which is slower than with most melee leaders.

Grommash Hellscream Talents

  • Bladestorm: Activatess an AoE bladespin attack, which damages all nearby enemies.
  • Savage Strikes: Deals double damage to enemies that fell below 50% HP.
  • Mirror Image: Summons two mirror images when starting combat.

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Sylvanas Windrunner

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  • Damage: 190
  • HP: 430

Sylvanas is a powerful leader who deals ranged damage with her bow and arrows. She mostly synergizes with the Undead and Horde units, granting them a 30% bonus to speed of movement. This is possible due to her leader ability Windrunner Warchief. But just like Grommash, her speed of attack is quite low, and her HP could be higher, too.

Sylvanas Windrunner Talents

  • Black Arrow: Deals Elemental damage to enemies by piercing through the lane.
  • Banshee’s Wail: Stuns all nearby enemies for 3 seconds upon death.
  • Forsaken Fury: Grants Fury to all nearby Undead and Horde allies.

Old Murk-Eye

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  • Damage: 150
  • HP: 160

On his own, Old Murk-Eye can be a rather subpar leader, but with the support of the Murloc swarm, he can do a lot in a short time. Use his March of the Murlocs leader ability right after you spend all your gold, as it summons Murloc Tidehunters for each gold spent. Once these armies of Murlocs spawn, they’ll quickly decimate both lanes of enemies.

Old Murk-Eye Talents

  • Marathon Of The Murlocs: March of the Murlocs lasts 5 seconds longer.
  • Electric Eels: Attacks stun enemies.
  • Tip of the Spear: Murloc Tidehunters spawn around Old Murk-Eye.

Cairne Bloodhoof

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  • Damage: 160
  • HP: 1,700

Cairne Bloodhoof has the highest HP and speed of attack among all the other leaders in Warcraft Rumble. But his DPS is also one of the weakest, making him good only for specific types of builds. His Earthen Might ability does nothing but heals Horde allies, and only for 20% of their HP. It’s not the most impressive set of skills, but I do recommend him for Dungeon mode.

Cairne Bloodhoof Talents

  • Reincarnation: Resurrects once with 50% HP upon death.
  • Plainsrunning: Gains Fast trait and moves 50% faster.
  • Aftershock: Applies Dazed to enemies after Stun expires.

General Drakkisath

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  • Damage: 300
  • HP: 1,400

Although Drakkisath is a dragon, he can’t actually fly. His DPS is some of the highest in the game, though. Also, he not only deals elemental damage but is highly resistant to it. If you activate his Banner of Flame leader ability, all nearby enemies will receive an extra 50% elemental damage, effectively doubling it with his Elemental trait. With all that said, Drakkisath is extremely slow, so rely only on your units to move through the lanes.

General Drakkisath Talents

  • Chromatic Scales: Grants elemental resistance to nearby allies.
  • Lasting Legacy: Drops a banner upon death, dealing extra elemental damage to nearby enemies.
  • Piercing Blows: Attacks pierce through the lanes.

Maiev Shadowsong

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  • Damage: 160
  • HP: 620

Maiev Shadowsong has mediocre stats, but his Stealth and Unbound traits compensate for all that. He can become invisible, moving completely unnoticed through the lanes, and you can play him anywhere on the map. If you have other Unbound units in your team, then you can reduce the cost of casting Maiev using his Master Assassin leader ability.

Maiev Shadowsong Talents

  • Enveloping Shadows: Casts a Smoke Bomb.
  • Shadowstep: Teleports to attacker when hit.
  • Remorseless: Deals double damage after each successful kill.


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  • Damage: 190
  • HP: 1,120

Hogger is a simple leader who relies on his power of attack and speed of movement. He has no special traits or abilities except Relentless, which buffs his attack and speed by another 35%. But other than that, it’s the most straightforward and easy-to-use leader in the game, so he’s recommended for beginner players.

Hogger Talents

  • Ham Hock: Gains 10% HP each time he is played.
  • Fatal Frenzy: Grants Bloodlust to nearby beast allies.
  • Spoiled Meat: Gains Poison.

That’s it for our list of the Top 10 best leaders in Warcraft Rumble. Stay tuned for more WR tips and tricks articles right here.

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