Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader Bounty Hunter Build Guide

Generate team-wide offensive buffs and trap your enemies with our Bounty Hunter build in Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader.

pasqal posing in front of a starmap in warhammer 40k rogue trader
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The Bounty Hunter Advanced Archetype is one of the best utility choices that offers team-wide benefits with the right build. That’s exactly what we’ll be focusing on as we build a trapper-style character in this guide. Here’s my best Bounty Hunter build in Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader.

How to Make the Best Bounty Hunter Build in Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader

This Advanced Archetype build can be accessed by your main Rogue Trader character if they’re an Operative or Soldier. Alternatively, companions like Idira, Pasqal, and Argenta make for excellent Bounty Hunters. Either way, I highly recommend you prioritize Perception as your main stat during base Archetype level-ups since BH abilities scale the most with it.

The core of the Bounty Hunter kit is the Hunt Down the Prey ability. It allows us to mark an enemy in combat and receive benefits for killing them based on their difficulty rating which is the Roman numeral next to their icon in the Initiative tray:

  • I-II: Weaker enemies will grant us temporary Wounds.
  • III to IV: Medium enemies will grant us increased critical chance and damage.
  • V to VII: Stronger enemies will grant us both of these effects.
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Since the ability has three charges per combat, I would suggest marking the toughest enemies you can find. Your Heroic Act: Wild Hunt will help you claim these tough enemies as prey since it fires shots that are guaranteed critical hits. That said, we should upgrade our Heroic Act with team-oriented boosts like reducing armor instead of straight-up damage since our goal is being a support, not damage dealing.

The core part of our Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader Bounty Hunter build that you’ll see later is that we’ll be sharing these benefits with allies through certain abilities and talents. Furthermore, we’ll pick up core abilities like Set the Trap which will immobilize enemies making them easy pickings for our allies.

Best Bounty Hunter Abilities and Talents

Your main characteristic should be Perception and Intelligence with some Ballistic Skill if you want to shoot more. That said, I have to say that this is a support build so your team will benefit more from your Perception-scaling abilities rather than your shooting capabilities.

argenta firing off her heroic act in warhammer 40k rogue trader
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For our Core Abilities, we should pick up Ensnare the Prey first, as it allows us to deal decent damage to enemies based on our Perception and immobilize them for our allies. Hot on the Trail or Raid should be our next pick-up as it’ll allow us to share Prey benefits with our allies. Both work in a similar manner granting bonus damage or critical chance to teammates. Here the other options we should consider:

  • Core Talents: Our choices will focus on team-oriented talents that share our Prey benefits with allies.
  • Pounce: Allies gain offensive benefits when attacking marked targets from our abilities.
  • Share the Spoils: Allies can get buffs from Prey targets.
  • Kill Squad: Upgrades Raid.
  • Trail and Shatter: Upgrades Hot on the Trail.
  • Withdraw: Increases your defenses.
  • Gruesome Kill: Debuffs the enemy team.
  • Retaliate: A neat damage option for the Bounty Hunter.
  • Common Talents: I recommend picking up any of the following as they’re all generally useful. Choices include It Will Not Die, Grenadier, Combat Master, Nimble, or Weapon Expert Talents for your favored weapon type.

Skill increases can be whatever you were aiming for in your base Archetype but I’ve found great success with Tech Use and Awareness.

That concludes my Bounty Hunter build guide in Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader. It’s an excellent team-focused support build that provides massive offensive boosts to your allies. Furthermore, it’s great for bosses since it can immobilize key targets in combat and help you focus them down with team-wide critical strike chance and damage. For more, check out our best Exemplar talents or head over to our extensive WH40K RT guides page.

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