Warhammer Vermintide 2 Illusion Guide

The Vermintide 2 crafting system isn't very intuitive, so it's easy to miss how to extract and apply illusions at the forge.

The Vermintide 2 crafting system isn't very intuitive, so it's easy to miss how to extract and apply illusions at the forge.

The loot and crafting systems received an overhaul in Fatshark’s end times co-op adventure Warhammer: Vermintide 2, with a few new additions that returning players may not fully understand.

Illusions in particular seem to be confusing the player base, as their utility isn’t immediately apparent when this randomized ability appears on a weapon.

An illusion is essentially a removable weapon skin, allowing you to keep the same look of a weapon you like even when upgrading to new versions or switching to a new weapon entirely after opening a loot crate.

Extracting and Applying Vermintide 2 Illusions

Illusions are moved between items at the forge, but sadly the game’s forge/crafting section is not super intuitive. In fact, you might not have even found the forge if you weren’t going around exploring the keep in-between matches!

From the start point, go down the door to your left (next to the guy with the maps near the mission select area) and then interact with the forge. From there, navigate to the Crafting tab. By default you will be on the Salvage screen on this tab, which doesn’t help you utilize illusions at all.

In the middle of the screen, you will see some astoundingly small text reading 1/7 in-between two teeny, tiny little buttons labeled Next and Previous that you use to tab through seven different crafting options (yeah, it’s not a great UI design at all).

Use Next to tab over to the sixth screen, which is labeled Extract Illusions. From here you can extract the illusion from an item for 20 scrap (if you don’t have any scrap, you need to destroy unwanted items on the Salvage screen).

Hit Next again to get to the seventh screen, named Apply Weapon Illusion. From there you can apply the illusion to any weapon you have in your inventory and change its base appearance.

A Vermintide 2 crafting screen Extracting a weapon illusion on the sixth crafting screen

That’s all you need to know to utilize Vermintide 2 weapon illusion skins! Need help staying alive or finding tomes to get better loot? Check out our other guides here:

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