Need help building out your camp? This guide'll tell you where to find all the camp blueprints necessary.

Wartales Camp Structure Guide

Need help building out your camp? This guide'll tell you where to find all the camp blueprints necessary.

Camp is where your companions can level up their Professions, relax with a good meal, and get paid in WartalesStarting out with a Campfire and a Workshop, you’ll be able to grow your Camp to fit all your needs. These are all the different structures and tools you can build and upgrade for your base in Wartales.

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Wartales Camp Structures and Tools

There’s a large variety of objects that can be built for the Camp. Obtained through Blueprints, crafting other structures first, or originally given in the game, Camp Tools and Structures cover a diverse range of needs. Some of the items are the only way to level up certain Professions, such as Cook or Bard. 

Cooking Pot

The Cooking Pot is used to level up the Cook Profession. Cooked dishes provide higher food values as well as bonuses. Having the Cook assigned to the Cooking Pot reduces the amount of food required during a rest. It can be learned through Knowledge Points in the Compendium.

Tanning Rack 

The Tanning Rack blueprint can be bought from the Athes Tracker’s Camp in Arthes for 200 Pristine Fangs. It’s used to make Leather out of animal carcasses. It can also be unlocked by upgrading the Cannibalism perk in the Compendium. 


The Campfire is already built and in place when you first camp in Wartales. It increases Happiness as long as you have at least one companion assigned to it. When upgraded, you’ll be able to turn Wood into Coal, which is needed in Blacksmithing. Creating Coal also gives a +1 to Happiness during a rest.

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The Workshop is another tool that comes prebuilt with the Camp. This is the tool that’ll level up your Tinkerer, as well as allow them to build and upgrade other Camp structures. When assigned to the Workshop the Tinkerer will create two Raw Materials per rest. 

Strategy Table

The Strategy Table gives a boost to one of three battle tactics when built. When a high-ranking companion, such as Captain or Lieutenant, is assigned to the table, they’ll earn an extra Valor Point per rest. The Strategy Table unlocks once you can assign a companion as Captain.


The Tent is unlocked with Knowledge in the Compendium. It’s one of the plans given at the start of the game. Having it in your Camp gives you another Valor Point, as well as having a companion assigned to it. 


The Banner is another item specifically for high-ranking Companions. Unlocked as your troop grows, it’ll be carried by whoever is assigned to it in Camp. You can use the Banner to spend influence points and gain different advantages until the next rest, such as boosting your Carry Weight by 50 pounds. The design of the Banner can be edited to suit your style. 

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Hitching Post

The Hitching Post can be learned and unlocked through the Compendium for a Knowledge Point. You can have up to two horses assigned to the Hitching Post, which increases their carry weight by 10. 


The Lectern is unlocked when your Scholar levels up to Apprentice. It’s the only way to have your Scholar gain experience outside of a Tomb of the Ancients. The Lectern is used to decipher Codex entries and research/discover items from ancient treasures. When a Scholar is assigned to the Lectern, Knowledge will passively be gained during a Rest.

Camp Chest

The Camp Chest is used to keep your valuables safe. This can be a variety of things you want to keep. Unfortunately, putting items in the Camp Chest doesn’t subtract their weight from your total Carry Weight. 

However, if you assign a Thief to the chest and there are stolen items contained in it, the Companion will start to launder those items.  


The Blueprint for the Lute can be found in the Cursed Village of Lethyre in Ludern. It’s the only way for your Bard to level up.

If you don’t have the Bard Profession unlocked, once you build the Lute, you’ll be able to assign a Companion as Bard. Once assigned, the Bard can learn songs to perform at Inns to earn Krowns and Influence. The Troop gains +1 Willpower when a Bard is assigned. 


Do your prisoners keep escaping during a rest? Put them in the Stocks! Blueprints can be found at any jail, excluding Tiltren. Fully upgraded, you’ll be able to hold four Prisoners in the Stocks. 

Meat Drying Rack

Purchase the Meat Drying Rack blueprint from the Highland’s Trackers Camp for 200 Pristine Fangs. Once built and placed in camp, you’ll be able to make Jerky out of Carcasses. 

Impaling Stake

The Impaling Stake sets fear into your enemies as it increases Influence during a rest when a corpse is impaled on it. Obtain the Blueprints from the Tracker’s Camp in Ludern. When a Companion is assigned to the stake, the amount of Influence earned will double.  


The plan for Dice can be purchased at the Ludern Jail. With two companions assigned to it, Dice will generate +2 Happiness during a rest. 


You can purchase Traps for 20 Pristine Fangs or steal Traps from the Tracker’s Camps. When set in the camp, they’ll catch small prey animals during a rest, giving you meat and a Carcass. 

Watchkeeping Stool

When it has a Companion assigned to it, the Watchkeeping Stool reduces the chances of being attacked during a Rest. It’ll also reduce the chance of Prisoners escaping. The Blueprint can be found in the Bandit’s Lair in Tiltren. 


Honey is a valuable Cooking component and expensive to consistently buy at markets. Build the Beehive in your camp, add in some plants, and receive Honey at the end of your rest. The blueprints can be found at the Old Edoranian Watchtower in Ludern.  

Training Dummy

The Training Dummy blueprint can be purchased from the Smot Arena vendor in Vertruse after you’ve achieved victory, as he won’t sell to anyone until they have proven themselves.

Once you have the Training Dummy placed in your Camp, you can assign a Companion to do drills, giving them some extra experience during a Rest. The Troop as a whole will receive a +5% bonus to combat experience gained. 


The Stretcher is used to heal a Companion’s head injury during a rest. Save your medicine for while out in the field. Just assign the injured Companion to the Stretcher and they’ll be better by the time everyone wakes up. You’ll be able to get the Stretcher blueprints from Saint Eleor Abbey in Arthes. 

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Brewing Vat

If you have an alcoholic in your Troop you’ll want to build a Brewing Vat. Used to make alcohol from fruit, the Brewing Vat will solve all your alcoholic’s needs and save you Krowns. Alcohol also provides +1 Happiness when included in the Rest meal. 

Those are all the current Tools and Structures you can build in your Camp. With good planning, you could even fit it all in. For other guides on the game, check out our Wartales tips hub

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