Looking for the Profession that's best for your companions? This guide has all the details.

Wartales Professions Guide

Looking for the Profession that's best for your companions? This guide has all the details.

There’s more to Wartales than just killing enemies and collecting Bounties. Professions play a vital role in maintaining equipment, providing food, and stealing. Along with the items that may be crafted, Professions also give stat boosts to companions, depending on how good they are. We’ve collected all the Professions in Wartales, their stat boosts, the experience needed to get to the next rank, and more. 

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Wartales Professions 101: The Basics

There are 10 professions currently available in WartalesProfessions allow companions to perform specific actions that general NPCs can’t do, like pick locks or forge armor. 

Regardless of what it is, each Profession has five ranks, from Novice to Master

  • Novice: Companion has no previous experience in the profession. Takes 20 XP to advance.
  • Apprentice: Takes 80 XP to advance. 
  • Experienced: Takes 320 XP to advance.
  • Journeyman: Takes 1280 XP to advance.
  • Master: The best of the best. This is as high as your companions can go in their profession.

Each Profession rank offers new actions or abilities for companions, such as being able to catch different fish or learn recipes from scrolls. Along with the stat boosts, some Professions have extra bonuses as you level them up, like reducing Suspicion or obtaining components.

Some Professions require you to complete mini-games before giving the final output. Professions with mini-games are:

  • Miner
  • Thief
  • Woodcutter (same game as Miner)
  • Angler
  • Bard
  • Blacksmith

Can You Change Professions in Wartales? Answered

You can switch Professions for your companions at any time at the cost of an XP reset or penalty. There are two ways to switch Professions. 

  • Open the information for the companion who’s Profession you want to change. You’ll see their current Profession as a small tab on the right side of the left panel. Click it to change Profession to any other that’s been unlocked and confirm.
  • When interacting with an object that requires a Profession you don’t have a companion for, you can left click on an companion portrait to bring up all Professions. Change it to the profession you want and confirm.

All Wartales Professions Explained


  • How to Unlock: Interact with Alchemy table at Tiltren Apothecary Clinic.
  • Stat Boosts: DEX

The Alchemist Profession takes components, typically plants gathered in the wild, and turns them into potions and oils. You can also craft left-hand bombs with Alchemy. Some hired recruits can come with Alchemists as their pre-assigned Profession. 


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  • How to Unlock: Stop at any spot on the coast with a shining marker.
  • Stat Boosts: WIL, CRIT

You’ll need an Angler if you want to add fish to your companion’s diet for free. They can also find components while fishing. Many new recruits will have this as their Profession, so you may want to wait before assigning it to one of your starting companions. 


  • How to Unlock: Find the Blueprint for the Lute at the Cursed Village of Lethyre in Ludern and craft it; or Stumble upon a musical statue in the Tiltren Tomb of the Ancients.
  • Stat Boosts: CON, WIL

The Bard Profession is an interesting one. Once you craft Lute, your Bard can learn five different songs. Each song has its own requirements to unlock. After a song is learned, Bards can play it at an Inn for Krowns and Influence. If you have the Lute assigned to your Bard, they’ll give all companions +1 WIL. 


  • How to Unlock: Interact with the anvil at Master Hulan’s Forge.
  • Stat Boosts: STR

The Blacksmith Profession deals with making weapons and armor. Useful for crafting gear for your companions, it’s also handy when there are two people in Tiltren alone looking for skilled Blacksmiths.


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  • How to Unlock: One of the starting Professions.
  • Stat Boosts: CON

The Cook takes meat and vegetables found in the wild and makes them into items that provide more Food value. Useful in saving Krowns when starting the game, certain cooked items can also give bonuses to companions. Having a Cook assigned to the Camp’s Cooking Pot reduces hunger for the troop.


  • How to Unlock: Extract ore from any mine (Pedra Mountain, Mount Altis, etc.)
  • Stat Boosts: CON, STR

The Miner profession is needed to extract ore from mines throughout the Wartales world. It’s also required to open the sarcophagus in the Tiltren Tomb of the Ancients.


  • How to Unlock: Interact with a puzzle in a Tomb of the Ancients.
  • Stat Boosts: WIL

The Scholar is needed to complete puzzles in the Tomb of the Ancients in various regions. Once the Lecturn is unlocked, they’ll be able to research the various Antiquities and Codexes that are recovered from the tombs. 


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  • How to Unlock: One of the starting Professions. 
  • Stat Boosts: DEX, CRIT; Reduced Suspicion.

Thieves are an essential Profession for your companions if you want to steal items or lockpick. The better the Thief, the less Suspicion accumulates when undertaking a crime.


  • How to Unlock: One of the starting Professions.
  • Stat Boosts: CRIT

The Tinker is the most important early game Profession in Wartales. Tinkers are in charge of building and upgrading all the Camp Tools. When assigned, they also provide Raw Materials x2 per rest.


  • How to Unlock: Can be a starting Profession; interact with Chopping Station.
  • Stat Boosts: CRIT, STR

The Woodcutter is your friendly companion lumberjack. At cutting stumps throughout the world, you can play the Woodcutter minigame to obtain wood. This is easier than trying to hunt it down in the wilds while exploring. Woodcutters can sometimes find components when chopping wood.

Those are all the details on the Professions in Wartales. Each has its own strengths, with its own stat boosts. Pairing the best stat boost with your Companions is an easy way to increase your battle capabilities while out exploring the land. For more, head over to our Wartales guides page.

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