Wasteland 3 Guide: How to Respec Characters Through Your Squad

You can't respec in Wasteland 3 like you can in other RPGs, but there is a workaround for getting characters with the skills you want.

You can't respec in Wasteland 3 like you can in other RPGs, but there is a workaround for getting characters with the skills you want.

With a world as big as Wasteland 3, you’ll need the right set of skills to advance with your specific playstyle. From lockpicking to hacking — and even skills for fixing a toaster and gaining an array of loot  it can be overwhelming to choose what’s best for you. And since you may experiment, you may also want to know how to respec your skills to get rid of some that aren’t the right fit. 

Maybe you want to bypass doors or avoid traps instead of knowing how to fix common kitchen appliances. In a game driven by player choice and a world that’s known for its brutal setting and sometimes unforgiving gameplay, having the ability to respec and finetune the experience is vital.

There’s bad news, though: there is no way to respec your character or build in the traditional sense. Perhaps there will be a mod or patch in the future that includes the ability to respec or reset skills, but what we know is that there isn’t one at launch on PC, PS4, or Xbox One. 

However, there is a method to ensure your team is equipped to tackle a range of scenarios. And, thank goodness, you can constantly rebuild for the team you want

Respec Skills By Adding New Characters to Your Squad

Sergei Greatski standing in a great hall wearing a blue parka.

Fairly early on you’ll reach the Ranger HQ where you will meet Sergei Greatski. After some initial missions and quests at the base, you’ll be able to speak with Greatski. He will tell you how to build up your squad beyond the two starting characters.

Here you will be able to select a few additional characters, choosing them based on their pre-existing skill set. Once added to your squad, these new characters will come bundled with an array of skill and ability points to spend, meaning you can tailor the characters to your choosing for maximum results.

You can return to the HQ at any point in the game, meaning that if you find a certain portion of the game requires a particular character, you can swap them out and build them up into a character useful for particular scenarios.

The Wasteland 3 Squad menu, showing five character avatars and their skills.

It’s not the easiest method to use to reset your skills, but it’s the only method if you want to respec in any capacity. It also means you can focus on building up your characters in particular fields, rather than spreading their skill points between various different perks and having them effectively useless in every department.

If you have a friend, maybe you can invite them to play multiplayer so you don’t have to worry about respeccing at all. Your strengths combined with theirs! 

Though you can’t respec in Wasteland 3 through traditional RPG mean, this method offers you the chance to play around with what works best for you, while still focusing on your main attributes. In lieu of mods or updates, this will have to work for now! For more on the latest release in the Wasteland franchise on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, be sure to check out our other guides and tips, as well as our review of the game, which we said, “invokes feelings of classic RPGs such as Fallout.”

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