Watch Dogs Guide: Notoriety Skills Tips

Check this guide out for every Notoriety skill in Watch Dogs!

Watch Dogs lets you jump into another player’s game to cause mischief at anytime. This means that you can get invaded by another player at anytime as well. By doing the various online modes, players receive a separate experience bar called, Notoriety

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This experience automatically unlocks bonuses at certain milestones. If you opt out of letting players invade your game, or invading other players game, you won’t receive Notoriety. Any that you’ve gained also gets wiped back to zero if you decide to turn it off later.

I’m here to explain what each Notoriety skill is, when you unlock them, and why they are useful.

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This guide will go over everything about the Notoriety skills including:

  • Notoriety Skills List – Every Notoriety skill and unlock requirements.
  • Skills Tips – What each skill is good for.

Notoriety Skills List

  • Anti-Vehicle Rounds – Boosts damage to vehicles. Requires 500 Notoriety.
  • Nitro Boost – Increases Nitro duration in Online Races. Requires 2,000 Notoriety.
  • Jam Coms Boost – Increases duration of Jam Coms. Requires 5,000 Notoriety.
  • Precision Scanning – Shrink the Hacking Search Zone more at each step. Requires 7,500 Notoriety.

  • Contract Bonus – Increases cash earned from Online and fixer Contracts. Requires 10,000 Notoriety.
  • Security Footage – See a ctOS Image of the fixer attacking you. Requires 12,500 Notoriety

Skills Tips

Although some skills are only useful online, others are helpful in single player as well. Below is a list of those helpful in single player and why.

  • Anti-Vehicle Rounds – This helps take out enemies trying to escape in vehicles.
    • Considering You can’t drive and shoot at the same time, this helps stop people before they get too far and you have to chase them.
  • Jam Coms Boost – This helps a lot when being scanned by the cops.
    • You’ll have more time to escape the area after using this ability.
  • Contract Bonus – This applies to single player Fixer contracts as well and increases your money.

Online Skills

  • Nitro Boost – This is self-explanatory.
    • Longer boost duration gives you a higher chance of victory.
  • Precision Scanning – Don’t let intruders hack you anymore!
    • This lets you pinpoint their location much faster.
  • Security Footage – Great in 1v1 games. This gives you an image of your attacker.
    • This makes it a lot easier to find them, especially with Precision Scanning unlocked.

That’s all the Notoriety skills and some uses for them. As you can see, they give mostly boosts to online play and you can get by without the single player boosts if you don’t want to turn on the online.

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