Watch Dogs Guide: Online Hacking Tips

Check out this guide for tips on getting a full upload in Online Hacking for Watch_Dogs!

Check out this guide for tips on getting a full upload in Online Hacking for Watch_Dogs!

Watch Dogs is all about hacking and the online modes take it to a new level. Online Hacking mode is a lot of fun and involves finding the target, putting a backdoor virus in their phone, and uploading it completely. This is all done while hiding from them.

The first time I tried hacking someone, I didn’t get very far. After trying out different things, I found some helpful tips to upload without being caught. Follow these tips to become an expert hacking online and leave no trace.

This guide will go over everything in Online Hacking Mode including:

  • Online Hacking and You – The objective in Online Hacking.
  • Hacking and Finding Tips – Tips to not get caught, or catching the intruder.

Online Hacking and You

Online Hacking is a one versus one mode where one player has to hack another and install a backdoor virus to their phone.

At any time while playing, except when already in an online mode, you can invade other player’s games or get invaded.

  • When invading, the enemy player gets placed on your map. You have to get close enough to hack them, then install the backdoor afterwards. 
  • Stay out of sight until the upload gets to 100%.
  • When you get invaded, look at the area on your mini-map that shows the general location of the intruder.
  • As time goes by, and you get close to the intruder, the area on your mini-map shrinks to easier pinpoint the enemy.

Hacking and Finding Tips


The most important thing to do as a hacker is not get caught. This means you don’t want to be on the same level as your target, or near them.

  • Stay above or below your target when you can.
  • Find a good hiding spot that’s hard to find.
  • Make sure you have escape routes if the other player starts to close in on you.

Even if you can’t find a good hiding spot, being on the move helps a lot as well. Just make sure they can’t see you moving.

The best way to hack someone is from a camera.

  • Stay as far as you can from someone, then hack into a camera. Jump from camera to camera until you can hack the player.
  • When using this method, a good hiding spot with escape routes is very important.

As you can see from the header video, even when they get close, you can still win if you get to 100% before they reach you.


When getting invaded, you usually get caught off guard. For me, this usually happens while I’m looking at the map for places to go, or about to do a mini game.

  • As soon as it says there is an intruder, find a good place to watch people. 
  • If you see anything out of the ordinary, it is most likely the player who’s intruding.
  • Always have the Profiler up. It lets you know when you have identified the enemy player.
  • Search constantly. A lot of times, players don’t move unless you get very close to them. Search the area thoroughly before moving on.
  • If you can, go to an area other NPCs usually stay away from. This lets you know who the enemy is if you seem them walk by.
  • Hack things like bridges, doors, and walls. If you block your path with these things, you can point out people who hack them to get closer to you.
  • Try hacking cameras. Looking around the area with cameras could show unusual activity you wouldn’t see otherwise.

Staying alert ensures that you can catch the intruder quickly, and not be caught if you’re hacking.

That about sums up everything needed for successful Online Hacking in Watch Dogs. If you have any questions, or other suggestion for this game mode, let me know in the comments!

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