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Wayfinder: Best Weapons Tier List

Here are the best weapons in Wayfinder, including all their unique abilities and crafting recipes.

There are 20 weapons in Wayfinder, including both melee and ranged types. Since Wayfinder is a very fast-paced game, mobility is essential, and some of the finest weapons are the ones that provide players with a healthy helping of speed. Our guide will provide you with the tier list of the best weapons in Wayfinder, including their unique abilities and crafting recipes.

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Best Weapons Tier List in Wayfinder

S-Tier Weapon

Night’s Edge

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Night’s Edge is Niss’s signature weapon. It’s a pair of daggers with the Daggerfall ability, which creates a swirl of magical daggers flying around Niss to deal damage to all nearby enemies. It’s the fastest and deadliest melee weapon in the game and can be obtained by defeating the R’Vyn boss.

  • Night’s Edge crafting recipe:
    • 1 Night’s Edge Shell
    • 1 Night’s Edge Form
    • 1 Night’s Edge Spirit
    • 1 Night’s Edge Essence
    • 5,325 Gold

A-Tier Weapons


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Only Kyros can wield Epitaph, a massive magical scythe with incredible attacking power. It has a unique Arcane Harvest ability, which allows you to roll the scythe in a full circle around you to deal damage to all enemies around you while stealing their Ability Power. The crafting materials for this weapon are dropped by the Dead Legion.

  • Epitaph crafting recipe:
    • 1 Epitaph Shell
    • 1 Epitaph Form
    • 1 Epitaph Spirit
    • 1 Epitaph Essence
    • 7,800 Gold


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The weapons above this one might be melee, but they’re extremely powerful. Nightshade, a signature weapon of Venomess, is a rifle that shoots poisonous darts. I really like its Wyvern’s Fury ability, which turns Nightshade into a fully automatic rifle with a stackable poison effect. All you need to do is defeat Wormwood to get this one.

  • Nightshade crafting recipe:
    • 1 Nightshade Shell
    • 1 Nightshade Form
    • 1 Nightshade Spirit
    • 1 Nightshade Essence
    • 1,000 Gold

B-Tier Weapons


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The Colossus is a truly powerful weapon that can be especially useful against bosses and harder enemies. But I wouldn’t use it against smaller targets, as it can be quite slow and unfit for ordinary battles. Colossus and its unique Gladiator Slice ability are primarily used by Senja. You can get this sword after defeating Kolaar the Beastmaster.

  • Colossus crafting recipe:
    • 1 Colossus Shell
    • 1 Colossus Form
    • 1 Colossus Spirit
    • 1 Colossus Essence
    • 7,350 Gold


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If you’re looking for the right support weapon, then the Bastion sword and shield combo would be very handy, as it’s the only weapon in the game that can heal both the wielder and their allies. This is possible due to its Healing Pulse ability. I also suggest consuming Latent Power Pips to boost the effect of Bastion’s healing. If you find this weapon useful, then you need to defeat Gloom Lancer for the necessary materials.

  • Bastion crafting recipe:
    • 1 Bastion Shell
    • 1 Bastion Form
    • 1 Bastion Spirit
    • 1 Bastion Essence
    • 7,400 Gold

That’s it for our tier list of the best weapons in Wayfinder. Stay tuned for more Wayfinder tips and tricks articles right here.

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