Make the right decision at the end of the Crime and Punishment quest by following our guide to Weird West.

Weird West Crime and Punishment Guide

Make the right decision at the end of the Crime and Punishment quest by following our guide to Weird West.

Weird West‘s Crime and Punishment is one of many obtuse quests among the game’s procedurally-generated content. It may be a while until you can complete this one after receiving it.

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Our guide will provide you with all the necessary tips on how to complete the Crime and Punishment quest in Weird West. You will learn how to find an Oneirist, how to collect Dreamer’s Vervain, and which decision is right in the end of the quest.

How to Complete Crime and Punishment in Weird West

Find the Cursed Statuette

Since Crime and Punishment is a random encounter quest, there is no fixed location where you can find the Cursed Statuette to start the quest.

However, there are a few places where you have higher chances of finding the statuette, and they are:

  • Places where vultures gather around dead bodies.
  • Places with crashed or overturned wagons.
  • Any underground locations, including mines.

Once you’ve discovered the Cursed Statuette, you can start Crime and Punishment and will be asked to free the spirit within the statuette.

Speak to the Oneirist

There is only one NPC in Weird West who can help you free the spirit entrapped in the statuette you’re tasked with helping in Crime and Punishment: an Oneirist.

An Oneirist can be found at the Somnolence temple (see the map above for exact location), located in the Castillo Desert found in the southeastern part of the world map.

You may also find several Oneirists randomly on the map, but it is much easier to travel to the temple and speak to one of them. In either case, am Oneirist will offer you two options:

  • Free the spirit
  • Destroy the spirit

The Oneirist will also strongly advice you to destroy it, as the consequences for releasing it may be harmful for your character later on in the game. You will find the results of both options below.

Collect Dreamer’s Vervain

The Oneirist will ask you to collect seven Dreamer’s Vervain to continue Crime and Punishment, an ingredient required for the ritual that will either free or destroy the spirit in the statuette.

The only places where you can find Dreamer’s Vervain are the areas infested with Wraiths. These enemies generate randomly across the map, but you can identify them by a cloud of blue magic.

Search the southern part of the Castillo Desert, as that’s where Wraiths tend to appear. You will have to fight them and pick up Dreamer’s Vervain that look like blue flowers from their ashes.

Such quests like “A Glow Among the Trees” involve killing Wraiths, which guarantees you at least a few of those flowers.

Free the Spirit

Once you have all seven Dreamer’s Vervain, you need to travel to the Ritual Site indicated by the question mark on your map to continue Crime and Punishment.

The Oneirist will be expecting you there with a similar dialogue taking place as before, asking you whether you want to free or destroy the spirit. Once you choose to free the spirit the ritual will begin.

After a short cutscene, you will receive the Friend for Life! badge from the Bloodstained Soul, which was freed from eternal imprisonment.

Although this means that this spirit will become your ally, the Oneirisit will try to tell you that you may still regret the decision in the future.

Destroy the Spirit

You will still have to collect seven Dreamer’s Vervain even if you decide to destroy the spirit during the first or the second Oneirist dialogue in Crime and Punishment.

Travel to the Ritual Site indicated on the map by a question mark, and watch the Oneirist perform a ritual of destroying the spirit.

The Oneirist will congratulate you on making the right decision, and the Crime and Punishment quest will be over. After that, you can collect the items dropped by the spirit from its ashes:

  • 2 Ectoplasm
  • 1 Ashes

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