Here's a list of all the links hidden on the Welcome Home ARG website.

Welcome Home ARG: All Hidden Links Listed

Here's a list of all the links hidden on the Welcome Home ARG website.

Welcome Home ARG is riddled with hidden messages, eye motifs, and a creepy feeling everything isn’t as it seems. As you dig through the pages of the website, there’s a dark, sinister vibe that emanates from the screen. Amongst the words and bright images are links to discover. We’ve compiled all of the currently known hidden links in Welcome Home ARG for you in this guide.

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Where to Find All Hidden Links in Welcome Home ARG

Neighborhood Page

The easiest and most straightforward hidden links to find are those on the Neighborhood Page. Using the Tab method, where you tab through the whole page to find items you can click on, reveals two links:

  • At the top of the page, you in “Even if you don’t…” brings you to a page titled You. Here a bit of text slowly forms the sentence, “Wally is your best friend.”
  • The next link is at the bottom of Wally’s Home on the yellow pathway. Clicking it will bring you to the So Below page, showing Wally sitting in the dark with Home staring at him.

404 Page

The 404 Page can be accessed when inputting various broken links (links that don’t work). A custom landing page, the 404 page has an image of Home alongside text stating you’ve strayed too far. To get there, we used as-above in the link, which is currently a dead end.

Screenshot by GameSkinny.

Letter Links

These hidden links were discovered by scrambling the unaligned letters found throughout the Welcome Home website.

  • Starting in alphabetical order, the link takes you to a page titled Answer. You’re first met with a black screen, which eventually sees a TV and a play button appear. It’s mostly white noise and static on the TV screen, but there are times you can just barely make out a pair of eyes. At the end of the video, someone moves the camera closer until it’s just static showing.
  • Going in reverse alphabetical order brings you to a 404 page, but unlike the other 404 page, this one has a clickable spinning phone.
  • Clicking the phone brings you to a new page titled Duet, where someone — we assume Wally — is singing Beautiful Dreamer by Stephen Foster. At the end, he asks Home if they liked it, to which Home responds in Morse Code, “I Do.”
  • A try again page features more slow text and Wally’s eyes shaking in the dark.
  • Another try again page takes you to an actual script of Welcome Home. In the middle of the page are the various buttons you can find on the Links page. As each cycle ends, the next gets faster and zooms in more on Wally’s eyes until it ends in a red rectangle.
  • The last of the hidden links, this one brings up a dark image of Home with pairs of eyes cycling over it. The word OPEN is typed underneath. This could be in reference to “opening Home” and going to the So Below page.

Audio Updates

The latest update has added a slew of new links to find. They all lead to audio snippets of the cast of puppets. Many are found by clicking little bugs skittering on the pages or the drawings that appear. These are all the links and where to find them.

Welcome Home Landing Page

Clicking the drawing of a house will take you to a page titled I.

Welcome Home! Page

  • There’s a small bug on the right side of the images on this page. Clicking it brings you to an answer page that features a small video discussing color and flowers.
  • Further down the page, a yellow plant is being drawn to the left of Eddie. This brings you to a page titled Help, which has a slightly creepy snip from Wally.
  • On the right side of Eddie, a couple more flowers a being drawn. These ones take you to Will, where the audio is talking about eye color. 

About Us

Clicking the link on the Welcome Home! page to learn more about the project brings you to the About Us page. This one has a single hidden link, found by clicking just under the blue heart that’s drawn on the right side of the page in the FAQ section. It leads you to a page titled A, which makes me think there’s a hidden message in some of the hidden page names.

At the bottom of the About Us page, you’ll find a small cricket hanging out with the tulip border under the Go Back button. This takes you to another Answer page, with a different scene showing.

Stickers Page

Moving on from the About Us, the next page in the list is Stickers, formerly the Links Page. The one associated with Barnaby’s banner is no longer present, but there are two others taking its place.

  • The first to pop up is the drawing of a star in the info section of the page. This leads you to a second I page. A set of eyes being drawn in red accompany the track record. It seems like the eyes being drawn across the website might be Wally’s doing.
  • After the outline of the star is complete, a spider will drop from the top of the page. It stays suspended on a string at the “of” Welcome in the page banner. This brings you to a third answer page.


At first glance, it may seem like there’s nothing new to discover on this page. However, there’s a small bug hiding towards the bottom of the page on the right side of the navigation banner. The fourth answer page is what’s found.


The bug is easy to find on this page, as it’s a relaxed caterpillar on a leaf located at the top of the page banner. Another answer page, the fifth so far, is where this leads.


  • It takes a moment to find the first link on this page. The drawing of the speech bubble is what you want to click, and it takes you to the page titled Find.
  • A rhinoceros beetle at the top of the page on the right side of Home will take you to the sixth answer page.


The little bug on this page is hiding quite well. You’ll find it on the left side of the screen in the Live Interview Audio Segment section of the page. It takes you to yet another page titled answer. It seems all the insects lead to different pages with the same title, with segments ending in questions aimed at Wally.


  • Clicking the red button on the phone brings you to Duet. It seems like it’d be a song featuring Julie and Frank, but really it’s a call between you and Wally. A somewhat creepy, goosebump-inducing call.
  • The butterfly on the left side of Currently Unknown Records brings you to Answer.

The Playfellow Exhibition

The last of the newly introduced pages to the site, the Playfellow Exhibition has a couple of links for us to find.

  • At the bottom of the page to the left of Poppy, a drawing of a house will appear. This brings you to a page titled Understand. This further confirms the sentience of Home.
  • The bug here is really hard to find, especially if you didn’t catch it as it scampered across the page. Using the Tab method will make it easier to find and click on. Answer is the page it brings you to, so far, the 9th version of the page.
  • Using the tab method, there’s a third hidden link in the text under the images of the exhibition. It’s found in the word answer, which seems to be a theme in this update. It brings you to a page called Password Please with an image of different words; some crossed out. When you click on the image, another image of a vault pops up. Clicking on that brings you to the Guest Area, which requires a password! For those that can’t quite make out the writing in the image, it’s as follows:

Pictured is a dark photo of a notebook page covered in messy notes. There are spirals drawn all over the image. It reads:

“Password?? Testing…
[crossed out: WelcomeHome] NO!
[crossed out: WelcomeHomeYou] NOPE
[crossed out: WelcomeNeighbor] NO
[crossed out: HelloNeighbor] NOPE
[crossed out: Neighbor] NO!
[crossed out: Home] NO!
[crossed out: ThatsTheMost] STILL NO
[crossed out: WaveUpHigh] ALSO NO
Tested every character’s names and NONE of them WORK

Retried ALL w/
– Capital Letters- NO
– Underscores- NO!
– Periods- NO!!
– Lowercase- NO!!!
– L1K3 TH15- NO!

Tried every code from the notebook- NOPE!!!!

[very large text, underlined] CODE IS 5 CHARACTERS!!
Worksheet is 5 questions- key??
Is it the questions that are key?!
Or in the answers??

Additional cut-off text is at the left (“[…]ESE […]ERE 6!!”) and bottom (“[…]HE PHONE I[…]”)

Those are all the hidden links we’ve discovered so far in Welcome Home ARG. As more comes to light, we’ll be sure to update the list. Be sure to uncover more secrets with our Welcome Home ARG hidden messages guide. For other help with Welcome Home ARG, check out our guides page.

Featured image via Clown Illustrations.

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