West Of Loathing Complete Achievements Guide

Becoming an evil necromancer, blowing yourself up, and learning the horrible secret behind cotton candy are all required to get 100% achievement completion in this stick figure RPG!

Becoming an evil necromancer, blowing yourself up, and learning the horrible secret behind cotton candy are all required to get 100% achievement completion in this stick figure RPG!

Drawing heavily on the earlier Fallout games, the hilarious stick figure RPG West Of Loathing features dozens of wacky wild west locations to discover, and a whole lot of secrets to unlock during hundreds of quests.

Of course there are achievements galore, but many of them require knowing a thing or two in advance about how to approach certain quests. Below we cover every single achievement in detail. Need help with the rest of the game? Check out our other West Of Loathing guides:

West Of Loathing Achievements

A Real Underdog


Buy a dark horse.

In the game’s prologue segment before traveling to Dirtwater there are three horses that can be rescued and then eventually bought. Choose to buy the dark horse instead of the ghost horse or the crazy locoweed horse.


Looking A Ghost Horse In The Mouth

Buy a pale horse.

Just choose to buy the spooky ghost horse instead of the other two available horses in the prologue. 


Horse Senseless

Buy a crazy horse.

You know what to do — buy the crazy horse that’s been chewing all the locoweed instead of the other two. Yes, you do have to play the game (or at least the prologue) three times to get all three achievements.


Contributing To The Delinquency Of A Miner

Finish the game with Crazy Pete.

During the prologue you can choose one of a potential four companions. Just pick Crazy Pete and keep him with you till the end.


I Love The Way You Shoot

Finish the game with Susie Cochrane.

Pick the sharp shootin’ Susie as your companion before you leave for Dirtwater and keep her till the game’s end.


What’s Up, Doc?

Finish the game with Doc Alice.

Pick the good drunk doctor as your companion before leaving for Dirtwater. Keep in mind that reading the Nex Mex books will upset her — and if you choose to take the Necromancer’s place near the end of the game, she will leave you before the achievement pops.


Yes! Yes! To Finishing!

Finish the game with Gary the goblin.

During the prologue segment, take the quest to kill the goblin in the basement, but don’t engage him yet. Instead, grab the whiskey and go see Doc Alice, then learn to speak goblin by reading her books. Now you can go back and recruit the goblin as a companion instead of killing him. 


Wanted: Alive

Fully populate the Dirtwater jail.

To get this achievement, you have to arrest all of the bandit gangs in the wanted posters instead of killing them. To get the achievement to pop you need to arrest the House-In-The-Desert Gang, Potemkin Gang, Stripey Hat Gang, Black Hat Bandits, and the Gherkin Brothers.

For the most part this is straightforward, but for the Potemkin Gang, just make sure to line them up in front of the jail (instead of the building with the TNT), and for the Gherkin Brothers make sure to solve the puzzles without killing the ghosts. This will give you their bones (which you “arrest”) instead of ghost pickles, which counts as killing them.


Wanted: Dead

Fully populate the Dirtwater morgue.

This is the opposite of the previous achievement, but in order to kill all five gangs, you have to make sure you unlock the Ruthless perk in the prologue by killing the lookout. If you don’t take this perk, some of the gangs will force you to arrest them.


In A Row?

Discover 37 map locations.

This will usually happen naturally just by talking to people and completing quests, but if you have difficulties go wandering in the desert or buy some binoculars to use at the forts.


Our Daily Bread

Solve all of Breadwood’s problems.

To get this achievement you need to finish all the various quests available in Breadwood after first clearing the path in the Railway Camp.



Learn 69 El Vibrato words.

At the Curious Abandoned Well, keep feeding the machine punch cards until the achievement pops.


No Country For Old Gods

Contain Roberto.

To get this achievement you need to complete all the El Vibrato quests by powering up the generator at the Curious False Mountain and keeping Roberto contained.


Won’t You Come Out Tonight?

Reanimate Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Bill.

At the Buffalo Pile, gather the diagram, bones, and fluid, and don’t kill any of the buffalo who aren’t locked up. Eventually you will be able to reanimate Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Bills.


Meat Mystery

Find Curly’s Meat

Go to the Butterhouse Ranch and look for the “Curly Was Here” sign at the Outhouse to start this quest. You will have to collect Curly’s Compass at the Kole Ridge Mine, then use it to find Curly’s Auto-Gyrotheodolyte at Alexandria Ranch. Next, get half of a map in Curly’s Grave at the Madness Maw Mine, and the other half at Halloway’s Hideaway. Finally, follow the map to get Curly’s Meat.



Give Norton a crown.

Near the end of the game, give Norton the Silver-Plated Turnip Crown, the Gold Tooth Crown, the Necromancer’s Crown, or the El Vibrato Crown to get this achievement.


The Blackest Hat

Replace the Necromancer.

Read all six Nex Mex books you come across during the game (which will result in some big stat penalties, but give you a ton of awesome Necromancer spells and abilities), then when you meet the Necromancer you will have the option to replace him.

Note that this will anger Alice and she will leave you if she is your companion. You also can’t do this in hard mode, as the hard hat demands to be the darkest hat around.


Under Pressure

Blow yourself up.

When you insert dough into the pressure machine at Kellogg Ranch, keep pressing the red button until it reaches maximum pressure and explodes.


Three Bridges Too Far

Build three bridges.

This one has to be done over three separate playthroughs, and will unlock when you build the bone bridge, lumber bridge, and el vibrato bridge near Breadwood.


Fistful Of Cutlets

Finish the prologue with 1,337 meat.

You have to do and kill absolutely everything to get the maximum amount of meat, which requires leveling your Moxie skill to 3 and gaining the Ruthless and Dickering perks. Make sure to also free the bird, grab the needle, and tell your family you are seeking your fortune.


The Terrible Secret Of Cotton Candy

Learn the secret.

At the circus, buy some cotton candy before removing anything from the lost and found. Go back to the vendor and steal his whistle, then talk to a nearby kid about his bottlecap to gain access to the lost and found. Drop the whistle in, then go back to the vendor and tell him you found it.


The Hard Way

Finish the game with the hard hat.

During the prologue, you can talk to the old miner in the bar to learn about the secret level 40. Set the elevator to level 40 and equip the hard hat, which turns the game into hard mode. Not only do you not get a head slot item, but everything is much more difficult. Good luck!


The Really Hard Way

Finish the game with the hard hat in a single day.

This is the same as the previous achievement, except that you can’t ever sleep or get knocked out during your playthrough!

Those are all the West Of Loathing achievements currently available! Did you find any other methods for unlocking them or have any tips to make the harder achievements a bit easier? Let us know in the comments section!

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