What Are Demonologist Ectoplasm Stains, and What Do They Look Like?

Here, we explain what Demonologist Ectoplasm Stains are, what they look like, and how to find them.

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Among the seven evidence types in Demonologist, Ectoplasm Stains are sometimes considered the least frequent or reliable. This is because they’re hard to spot, especially if your flashlight is on. Furthermore, they have specific locations where they appear, which we sometimes gloss over. Still, they’re quite useful for the 10 possible ghosts that leave them. So what are Demonologist Ectoplasm Stains, and what do they look like?

What are Demonologist Ectoplasm Stains?

As we mentioned, Demonologist Ectoplasm Stains are one of the seven evidence types. The ghosts that leave them are:

  • Deogen
  • Wraith
  • Myling
  • Raiju
  • Agash
  • Shade
  • Demon
  • Naamah
  • Guipo
  • Yurei

What do Ectoplasm Stains Look Like?

When one of these ghosts performs an activity in a room, an Ectoplasm Stain is left behind. It can appear on any object, and interacting with it using an Ecto Glass reveals a glowing white brush stroke-shaped stain

For better visibility, it’s crucial to try turning off your flashlight when trying to spot it. Their most common locations are walls or close to light switches, so don’t rush through the room when looking for them. Furthermore, they can spawn as soon as you walk in the door of the map and appear even when ghosts switch rooms.

Other Important Tools to Find Ectoplasm Stains

Two additional tools that are important for Ectoplasm Stains in Demonologist are the Ecto Glass and the ESG. The latter can be placed down and increases your chances of finding a stain. Essentially, locating a stain can point you in the direction of the 10 ghosts that leave them if you are unsure of what you are dealing with. Remember, look for white brush stroke shapes.

That’s what Demonologist Ectoplasm Stains are and what they look like. For more tips and tricks, check out our Demonologist tips hub. For example, our how to collect ghost orbs guide might be of interest to you.

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