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What are Shadow Shards in Pokemon GO? — Answered

Wondering what the new Shadow Shards do in Pokemon GO? Here's your answer.

Wondering what Pokemon GO Shadow Shards are? You aren’t the only one. As part of the Rising Shadows event in Pokemon GO, you’ll start getting Shadow Shards when defeating Team GO Rocket Grunts. Though collecting them can be easy, knowing what to do with them and how to use them can be a little more ambiguous. Here’s how to use Shadow Shards in Pokemon GO.

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Pokemon GO Shadow Shards Explained

Pokemon GO Shadow Shards are black, crystal-like items that you’ll obtain after pummeling a Team Rocket GO Grunt into the ground. According to Professor Willow, they seem to be solidified Shadow energy emanating from the evil doer’s Shadow Pokemon. Like the Rocket Radar, you’ll need to collect multiple pieces, four to be exact, before something can be done with the Shards.

How Pokemon GO Shadow Shards Work

Once you’ve collected four Shadow Shards, Professor Willow will reach back out to you. He’s come up with a plan for the shards to smoosh them together with his new Super Shadow Shard Scrubber, also known as the Shard Refiner. After a quick in-game refinement, you end up with a Purified Gem. This Gem is completely cleansed of any Shadow energy.

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What is a Purified Gem?

Now you have this Purified Gem in your inventory, and you’re wondering what to do with it, right? Purified Gems are used in Shadow Raids. These Raids are made more difficult as the Shadow Pokemon becomes enraged as the battle continues.

Enraged Shadow Pokemon have increased defense and attack power, making them so much harder to defeat than their regular Raid counterpart.

Purified Gems can be used during the Raid to calm the Shadow Pokemon. Specifically, using a Gem will reduce its attack and defense. Use enough Purified Gems, and it can calm the Shadow Pokemon right out of its enraged tantrum. This returns its stats back to normal Raid levels, making it easier for you and your fellow raiders to knock it out. I know I’m saving my Purified Gems for the Shadow Mewtwo Shadow Raids coming up.

While the process is a bit long, defeating multiple Team GO Rocket Grunts and collecting Pokemon GO Shadow Shards will result in having more Purified Gems. More Purified Gems mean a higher chance of completing a Shadow Raid successfully.

That’s all you need to know about Shadow Shards in Pokemon GO. For tips on how to beat Shadow Mewtwo, or the best Pokemon for leagues, check out our guides page for the game.

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