What Does That Green Outline Mean in Path of Exile?

Can't figure out the meaning of that green outline around your items in PoE? We've got the answer right here!

Can't figure out the meaning of that green outline around your items in PoE? We've got the answer right here!

Ever since Path of Exile‘s massive update early last month and its release on console, the Fall of Oriath expansion has swelled the already impressive numbers of players in this Diablo-esque action RPG.

With the influx of newer players, there are some important questions being asked. One of the most common queries has to do with that green outline that often appears around a piece of equipment. What’s it for? What does it mean? In this Path of Exile guide, we have the answers you’re looking for — so let’s take a look before the Brine King decides to ruin all the fun.

PoE‘s Green Outline Explained

Assuming you know the basic concepts of PoE, an item with a green outline simply means that it is an item with Red, Blue, and Green sockets for skill gem placement. Furthermore, it means that all of these sockets are linked together. 

This green outline also indicates an increase in value, making normally worthless weapons and equipment skyrocket in price. Each item with a green outline can be sold to an NPC vendor for a Chromatic Orb, which works as a good early game baseline for the in-game currency.

What do those other color filters mean?

For those newer players joining the PoE ranks, you might also want a quick rundown of the standard color filters for items and what they indicate. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • White = Normal Items
  • Blue = Magical Items
  • Yellow = Rare Items
  • Orange = Unique Items
  • Gold = Scrolls and Orbs
  • Green = Active skill gems
  • Light Green = Quest Items

In addition to items, enemy monsters also follow this same color coded filter, from White to Orange. This color spectrum directly correlates to how strong a monster will be, including what magical effects they may have. Rare and Unique monsters have a better chance of dropping higher quality loot.

Other Considerations

The player driven economy in PoE is very complex, with a lot of different crafting recipes and outputs from NPC vendors that depend on many factors. The main factors for market value include:

  • Number of Sockets on an Item
  • Number of Sockets linked on an item
  • RBG Sockets all linked
  • Items of quality above 20%, and 40%
  • Selling full item sets (minus flask/quiver slots/alternate weapons)
  • Whether the item is identified or not
  • Item level

Taking a minute to learn how the Vendor Recipes work will greatly benefit you and allow you to transfer from early/mid game to the end game reasonably well if you pooled your resources accordingly. 

That’s all you need to know about colored outlines on your items in PoE! If you need more help with the game, the rest of our Path of Exile guides are packed with tips and tricks that will get you on the right path. 

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