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What Is Helldivers 2 Level Cap?

So what is the new Helldivers 2 level cap?

As you’re grinding missions, leveling up, and claiming new ranks in Helldivers 2, you might be wondering what the maximum level is. This is directly tied to your rank, which will change as you level up. So what is the Helldivers 2 level cap?

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Helldivers 2 Level Cap

The Helldivers 2 level cap is now officially 150. It used to be 50 in the past until Arrowhead rolled out Patch 01.000.200. This is a drastic change that will at least provide some meaning to end-game grinding. Your Helldivers 2 rank will increase as usual, and we’ll perhaps be getting new ranks to complement the old ones.

For example, when you reach Level 40, you become a Star Marshal, or when you reach Level 45, you become a Skull Admiral, and so on. Currently, different ranks are separated by 5-level increments. I would assume this would mean 20 new ranks to fill out the remaining 5-level slots until Level 150, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

It seems we could have new rewards like weapons or perks for higher levels. I base this on the fact that you get gear and perks from Level 9 to Level 30. This is a feature that would definitely inspire folks to climb. Even simple cosmetic upgrades or recolors would go a long way.

Until then, we have some new planetary hazards to experience with Blizzards and Sandstorms and a bunch of rebalancing changes. Anti-Matter Rifles do more damage, Guard Dogs now restore full ammo from supply boxes, etc. Overall, Patch 01.000.200 will revitalize an already thriving community.

That’s it for my guide on what the Helldivers 2 level cap is. In short, it’s 150 now. You can find more guides on our Helldivers 2 hub like how to destroy annihilator tanks or our list of all suits and helmets.

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