What is the Level Cap in Hogwarts Legacy?

Gaining XP in Hogwarts Legacy can happen quickly. So what is the level cap? Here's the answer.

Gaining XP in Hogwarts Legacy can happen quickly. So what is the level cap? Here's the answer.

Hogwarts Legacy is a massive game where you can sink 60+ hours into a single playthrough. With so much play time available in the game, what is the highest level you can achieve? Here’s the answer.

Hogwarts Legacy Level Cap Explained

The current level cap in Hogwarts Legacy is level 40. That encompasses all the side quests and the level requirement to win the House Cup and view the true ending of the game. 

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There are a few ways to earn XP to get you to level 40. The biggest XP earners are completing main story line quests as well as side quests. XP can also be gained when you collect field guide pages, complete dueling feats or complete battle arena challenges. Battle area challenges will award XP for each wave cleared, with the later waves awarding more than the first. 

Along with hitting the level cap at 40, you will stop earning Talent Points. You start earning Talent Points at level 5, meaning you can only earn a maximum of 35 Talent Points. You cannot fully unlock each Talent category in the game. Check out our full list of Talents ahead of time to plan out which you want to take in game. 

Whether you plan on completing all side quests before the main story or perfecting your combat in a battle arena, you will stop earning XP once you hit level 40. You will have unlocked the true ending of the game and other quests by that time. Looking for more Hogwarts Legacy answers? Check out full list of Hogwarts Legacy guides.

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