What to do with Poes in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Here's our guide on what to do with Poes in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Poes are a special type of currency found in the Depths. Based on the lore, they’re considered as the spirits of the dead that you need to aid, though they mostly appear as floating flames. Here’s our guide on what to do with Poes in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

What Can You do With Poes in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

As mentioned earlier, TotK Poes are only found in the Depths World. You can collect these floating flame sparks or spirits by pressing the A button once you’re close enough. Most of these are blue, which add a single amount. However, there are those of different colors that have higher values. For instance, green ones add five points, and red ones add 10 points.

How to Exchange Poes for Bargainer Statue Rewards

If it’s your first time visiting the Depths, then you’ll likely start collecting Poes without knowing what they’re for. However, if you go back to Lookout Landing, you’ll notice a curious-looking object near Josha’s research area. This thing is actually a Bargainer Statue, and it will tell you about Poes.

From there, you’ll be able to exchange the Poes you collect for various rewards. These include:

  • Depths Set — This provides extra Gloom resistance.
  • Dark Set — This gives Link a more shadowy and evil appearance.
  • Tunic of Memories — A special shirt that’s given to those who’ve earned the trust of the royal family.
  • Magic Rods, Scepters, and Staves — These weapons can be obtained as well. If you Fuse elemental stones or gems, you’ll have a means of psuedo spellcasting.
  • Copies of some unique and legendary gear pieces — Certain unique weapons, armors, and sets can be purchased, too.
  • Other Bargainer Statue locations — There’s also the option to learn where the other statues can be found. You won’t need to spend Poes, however, since I’ve got you covered.

Bargainer Statue Locations

Below, I’ve included a map of the Depths showing the Bargainer Statue locations. As you discover more, you’ll unlock additional armor pieces that you can buy. Getting unique gear is, essentially, what you’ll do with Poes in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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  • Great Abandoned Central Mine (-0779, -1902, -0565) — Underneath the facility; you’ll have to complete a side quest known as A Call From the Depths.
  • Plains Statue(0457, -0802, -0473) — Northeast of the Great Abandoned Central Mine.
  • Cliffs Statue (-1029, 2692, -0273) — From Yisuayam Lightroot, look east and climb up the rock formation past the small enemy camp.
  • Wellspring of Power (3706, 2598, -0415) — Directly northwest of Akinatanis Lightroot.
  • Wellspring of Wisdom (3837, -1347, -0851) — From Usukaz Lightroot, head east and glide down to the ravine below. You’ll see the statue on a rock formation.
  • Wellspring of Courage (0883, -2402, -0393) — In the Construct Factory just east of the Left Leg Depot.

Now you know what to do with Totk Poes that you collect, as well as where you can exchange them. For other tips, strategies, and walkthroughs, visit our Zelda: TotK guides hub.

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