When Is Ark Survival Ascended Coming to PS5? Answered

When will we see Ark: Survival Ascended on PlayStation 5? Hopefully soon enough.

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The dinosaurs are fast approaching Xbox users, and PC players can already tame them. But when is Ark: Survival Ascended coming to PS5? Let’s dig into what you can expect.

Does Ark: Survival Ascended Have a PS5 Release Date?

Previous Ark Survival Ascended Delays

While the Xbox version is releasing on November 14th, the PlayStation 5 release has received another delay. It might not be a bad thing to wait a bit longer, though. The PC version of Ark: Survival Ascended is very buggy and clearly needs more time in the oven.

Featuring glitches like floating rocks and leaving you with crashes that prevent you from playing at all. The extra time given to console versions should mean a cleaner final product. But it seems that the PS5 release need even more. It no longer has the same release date as Xbox’s version, which comes out this week.

PlayStation 5’s New Ark: Survival Ascended Release Date

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As of right now, the exact date that Ark: Survival Ascended will be released for PlayStation 5 hasn’t been revealed. The closest we have to an answer is that the studio is aiming for an end of November date. Considering it’s received a few delays already, it’s also possible that we won’t see it on PS5 until even December. I know it’s frustrating to wait while your friends might already be playing, but trust me. You want some of these bugs ironed out before it launches on console.

But that’s the best we can say about the current Ark: Survival Ascended PS5 release date with the information currently available. Once Studio Wildcard reveals the new release date, we’ll be updating this guide with the information, so go ahead and bookmark the page and check back in the future. Until then, you can prepare for release with our ASA guide hub and topics like the best metal farm locations or our complete Dino list with IDs.

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