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Where is Crackshot Cabin in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 Winterfest?

Find out where Crackshot's Cabin is for the Winterfest quest here.

The Fortnite 2023 Winterfest is here, and there’s a bunch of new quests to tackle in celebration of the event. You’ll need to find Crackshot Cabin for the third phase of the quests. Find out where Crackshot Cabin is in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 Winterfest here.

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How to Find the Location of Crackshot Cabin in Fortnite Winterfest

Diving into the Winterfest will get you in the holiday spirit. The seasonal event brings a dose of cheer with unique cosmetics and quests. In Phase 3 of the quests, I was prompted to “Visit Crackshot’s Cabin when the floating loot island appears”. So where is the Cabin?

Crackshot’s Cabin will appear on the floating Rift island that shows up during Phase 4 of the storm circle. Unfortunately, it’s bugged right now and doesn’t appear on the floating island. Luckily, it’s not needed to get the skins and cosmetics from the event.

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Winterburg island location in Fortnite.
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Will Epic Fix the Crackshot Cabin Bug?

Thankfully, Epic is aware of the issue and working on it, according to the Fortnite Status Twitter/X page. Once the Cabin is fixed, it’s sure to be a hot drop. So, if you’re trying to get the quest done quickly, I recommend you check out our guide on how to get into bot lobbies here. I contend it’s one of the easiest, ow-rick ways to complete challenges like this if you’re looking to progress the Battle Pass quickly.

We’ve got a sneak peek of the Crackshot Cabin Winterfest Rift Island thanks to reliable leaker FNBRintel on Twitter/X. You can check it out below.

Additionally, I investigated all areas of the map to make sure Crackshot’s Cabin wasn’t hiding in plain sight, and stumbled upon a holiday-decorated POI, Winterburg. You’ll find plenty of loot and holiday cheer at the island directly northeast of Classy Courts while we wait for the hotfix. So, I recommend you check it out in the meantime.

That’s where to find Crackshot Cabin during the Fortnite Winterfest. I’ll update this article with more information once the bug is fixed if needed, but you should know its location now and run over to it when it’s finally available. If you found this guide helpful, be sure to check out our Fortnite guides hub here. We’ve got plenty more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs, including those for LEGO Fortnite (like how to get LEGO minifigure skins) and Fortnite Festival (like what the track arrows mean)!

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