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Where to Find All Hollow Halls in Enshrouded

Hollow Halls are scaling dungeons found throughout Enshrouded.

If you’re looking for new ways to obtain gear, new enemies to face, or simply want to explore a new location, the Hollow Halls are for you. Scaling areas with new mechanics, the Hollow Halls are part dungeon crawl and part puzzle. Scattered throughout Embervale, this is where to find all hollow halls in Enshrouded.

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All Hollow Hall Locations in Enshrouded

There are four Hollow Hall dungeons in Embervale. Each region has one dungeon that corresponds to the area’s level. They contain new Hollow enemies and bosses, various treasures, and areas you can mine the new building material, Ectoplasm Fragment.

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There are multiple quests associated with the Hollow Halls, which unlock the dungeons in a specific order. Even if you come upon the entrance for the Kindlewastes dungeon, you won’t be able to enter unless you’ve unlocked all the other Hollow Halls.

  1. Springlands Hollow Hall
  2. Revelwood Hollow Hall
  3. Nomad Highlands Hollow Hall
  4. Kindlewastes Hollow Hall

Springlands Hollow Hall Location

This is the first Hollow Hall you can unlock. Speak with the Alchemist, Balthazar, to get a quest marker to its location. The dungeon entrance is located at the top of a hill west of Peaceful Acres. Making it through this hall frees a new NPC, The Collector, who’s necessary to continue through the other dungeons.

Revelwood Hollow Hall Location

To gain access to this dungeon you need to craft a key, as will all future Hollow Halls. You can craft this by speaking with the Collector, who sends you to the Revelwood dungeon once created. You’ll find the entrance in the northwest part of the map. Look to the west of the Cave Passage or head southwest from the most northern Shroud Root marker.

Revelwood Hollow Hall Key crafting recipe.
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Nomad Highlands Hollow Hall Location

The Hollow Hall in the Nomad Highlands is in a pretty isolated area. You can find it to the northeast of the Mining Rift and east of a Flame Sanctum. It’s in the different plateaus, so you’ll have to do some climbing, but you don’t need to reach the top. There’s a path that will lead you to the door so look for that while traveling near the Flame Shrine.

Kindlewastes Hollow Hall Location

Head south from the Ocean’s Heart Scavenger Camp to find the entrance to the Kindlewastes Hollow Hall. It’s located farther down the canyon, forcing you to walk all the way around following the path or glide down. The doorway is close to large deposits of Lapislauzli and Sulfer off to the left.

Those are all the locations and how to find the Hollow Halls in Enshrouded. Whether you’re looking for the best way to farm resources, how to get to other places, or what the best weapons are, glide into our Enshrouded guide vault for help.

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