Where to Find Liquid Mercury in Persona 5 and Why You Need It

We breakdown where to find Liquid Mercury and the importance behind it for crafting the Eternal Lockpick in Persona 5.

We breakdown where to find Liquid Mercury and the importance behind it for crafting the Eternal Lockpick in Persona 5.

Persona 5 has a great deal of crafting items that you’ll find during your adventure of freeing peoples hearts. However, today I’ll be detailing how to gather one of the key craftable items you’ll need for the Eternal Lockpick, which is easily one of the most helpful items in entirety of Persona 5, as it basically acts as a reusable lock pick.

What craftable item will you need you wonder? (In-case you somehow missed the title of the article?) — Liquid Mercury!

Where to go and What to Look for

The two best places to grind and farm for Liquid Mercury is either Futaba’s Palace by reaching the Corridor Middle save room, then proceed to the next area. Or you can also go to floors 10 and 11 of the Akzeriyyuth section in Mementos. You should be able to find plenty of different personas such as Anubis and Anzu in these locations that will provide Liquid Mercury once you’ve beaten them.

You can also find plenty of Aluminum Sheets as a ground item in Mementos as well (another key item you’ll need for the Eternal Lockpick).

You can also apparently get a “Hold Up” on Anubis in battle and you’ll be able to ask for an item directly, but I tried this for over half an hour with no luck — so take that for a grain of salt. I’ve also heard you can pick up these items by defeating Decarabia and Ganesha in the Okumara Palace in the Facilities Passage and Barracks Area.

How to craft the Eternal Lockpick

This lockpick will become extremely useful for high-level places which require more lockpicks. The number of lockpicks you can craft is based on the player’s dexterity +1. So if for example you have a Dexterity of 5, you’ll be able to create a maximum of 6 lockpicks.

However the Eternal Lockpick is reusable, so you can already imagine just how beneficial that is. Before you can craft the Enternal Lockpick you’ll need to raise your Magician Arcana to rank 6, so you can unlock the Ace Tools ability on the 29th of August. Once you’ve done this you should be able to craft the Eternal Lockpick at a work desk using 20 Aluminium Sheets and 10 Liquid Mercury.

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