How to Find and Use the Boarding Pass to Access the Fitting Room in Persona 5

Can't get into the fitting room in Persona 5 because you need that boarding pass? Here's how to solve the puzzle!

In the seventh dungeon of Persona 5, which takes place on Shido's Cruiser, players are tasked with sneaking into a fitting room. But they need a boarding pass to access the room -- lest they find another route. The boarding pass itself isn't so easy to come by, but luckily there's another way around it.

While most of quest lines in Shido's Palace straightforward, finding the bartender on the Pool Deck who requests players present their boarding pass to make it into the fitting room isn't as simple.

Furthermore, talking to guests on the pool deck yields no response. One guest even goes as far to refuse to talk to the player and their allies, as they seem like trouble-making children. But those guests do keep alluding to how nice the pool is, or how having a swimsuit on a day like this is perfect -- all because they are keeping the mission focus on the fitting room. 

How to Get the Boarding Pass and Access the Fitting Room in Persona 5

The secret to actually get into the fitting room is not to get a boarding pass at all, since players aren't paying guests. Without the pass, players must just search around the large stairwells for a vent. The vent itself allows players to inside the fitting room -- there are also many clues that there must be an alternative route to the room, so look out for those!


Though there's no actual boarding pass to acquire, Persona 5 actually uses this as a prime example of the puzzles incorporated into the game. Players who continue to search for the pass will find themselves shaking their head at how easy this puzzle actually was.


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Published Jul. 7th 2017

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