Where to Find Lost Maiamai Locations: Zelda A Link Between Worlds Guide

This guide shows the locations of the lost maiamai and what you get for returning them.

This guide will tell you the locations of all the lost maiamai children throughout Hyrule and Lorule.

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If you don’t know what that is, there is a cave north of the House of Gales that you must blow open with a bomb. Mother Maiamai is inside and will ask you to find her lost children. She will put an icon on your map that will show each region and the number found in each one.

There are 100 total, 50 in each world. You can trade 10 in for upgrades to items in Ravio’s shop. You can only upgrade items you bought, not rented ones.

For all 100, you will get an upgraded spin attack with the Master Sword that has a wider range.

Hyrule Locations

House of Gales Area – 5 maiamais
  • On the wall next to the Mother Maiamai cave. Wall merge behind it then exit to get it.

  • Next to House of Gales entrance. Use tornado rod on the star in the ground to the northeast of the entrance.
  • South of House of Gales entrance. Dive in the water.

  • South of Racing bro. Wall merge from his platform to platform with a big rock. Pick it up to reveal maimai. Must have Titan’s Mitt.
  • South of Racing Bro. Dive in the water near the dock.
Eastern Palace Area – 6
  • Southwest area. In the water to the east of the bridge. Dive to get it.
  • One of the dirt mounds southwest of Eastern Palace. Dash into it to get it.
Sanctuary Area – 7


Hyrule Castle Area – 8
  • Link’s House. Wall merge on the back of Link’s house, then exit to get it.
  • Tree northwest of fruit tree. West one screen from Link’s house is a fruit tree. Northwest of that is a tree by itself. Dash into the tree to make it pop out.
  • Directly north of fruit tree. Go north from the last maiamai location until you reach a fence near the water and stars on the ground. Use the tornado rod to reveal it.
  • Hyrule Castle. Outside west wall to the north. Dash into the tree to make the maiamai pop out.
  • Directly west of Hyrule Castle. Dash into the tree to the west of the path.

  • Blacksmith’s house. Use tornado rod on the stars directly west of Blacksmith’s house.
  • Woods west of Link’s house. Same place you get the pouch from. Go to the north tree in the middle and you will see it. Dash into the tree to get it.
  • Cliff southwest of pouch forest. Use the world link from Northwest of Swamp Palace. Pick up the big rock to get it.
Lost Woods Area – 8


Kakariko Village Area – 5


Desert Palace Area – 3
  • Use the sand rod to the northwest of the world link connected to the one north of the weather vane in Misery Mire.

  • South of Desert Palace weather vane. Use the sand rod to reveal it.
South of Link’s House Area – 3
  • Directly east of underground Entrance. Dive in water to get.

  • One of the statues northeast of the area. Dash into it to get it.

Lorule Locations

Dark Palace Area – 10
  • One of the dirt mounds southwest of Dark Palace. Dash into it to get it.

Skull Woods – 8
  • Use the world link from lost woods, then travel east.
    • Go north and follow the path around to the west until you see a skull surrounded by grass.
    • Destroy it to reveal the maiamai.

  • South of Miner’s house world link
    • Take the miner’s house world link to Lorule.
    • Wall merge through the bars.
    • The tree directly to your southwest has the maiamai. Dash into it to get it.
  • South of Miner’s house world link
    • Go south from the previous location until you see a collection of trees in the shape of a “V”.
    • Cut the grass on the inside of the “V” to reveal the maiamai.
Middle Area (Lorule Castle, Swamp Palace, Thieves’ Hideout, Blacksmith, Vacant House) – 15
  • South of world link north of Swamp Palace. Dive in the water to get.
  • Northwest of Swamp Palace. Wall merge to the west of the world link that comes from south of the pouch forest.
  • East of Swamp Palace. There is a group of 3 statues and the maiamai is on the middle one. Dash into it to get it.
  • Behind Vacant house. Drop off the ledge behind the house, then wall merge to get it.
  • Octoball Derby. The forest you get the pouch in Hyrule, is the location of the Octoball Derby in Lorule. To the west of Derby Boy is some grass. Cut it to get the maiamai.
  • Directly south of Vacant house. Go south from vacant house one screen, then immediately to the east. You will see it on the wall. Wall merge to get it.

North of Lorule Castle Area – 3
  • East of Sanctuary world link. Take the Sanctuary world link from Hyrule, then leave the cave. Go east until you see it, then wall merge.


Death Mountain Area – 6


Misery Mire/Desert Palace Boss Area – 3
  • Wall directly north of weather vane. Jump off cliff north of weather vane, then wall merge behind it.

Turtle Rock Dungeon Area – 5
  • Southeast of area. Go to the southeast edge of the map, then wall merge behind it to get it.
  • Northeast of entrance to the dungeon. Dive in the middle of the area surrounded by rocks.

Visit my Items Guide for what items can be upgraded and what they do. This guide will be upgraded frequently until completion, so check back often. Also, check my World Link Locations Guide if you don’t know how to get to some of them and my Guide to all Guides for anything else.

If you have any questions, or know of any locations not listed, let me know in the comments!

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