Where to Watch Dota 2 International 2014

Looking to watch the biggest event in eSports? Here's where you can watch the DotA 2 2014 International.

Looking to watch the biggest event in eSports? Here's where you can watch the DotA 2 2014 International.

The Super Bowl of eSports is on, and you need to find out the best way to watch it. 

The DotA 2 International is the biggest prize pool in gaming, which has reached over $10 million. Some of the best teams in eSports will be competing for the top prize, from Alliance to Na’Vi, Evil Geniuses to Cloud 9. No matter who you are rooting for, you’ll want to settle down and watch a few rounds of top-notch DotA play.

There are four great ways to watch and talk about the DotA 2 2014 International, from mobile applications to the DotA 2 client itself. 

DotA 2 Client Itself

The DotA 2 Client is probably the most obvious way to watch and interact with the 2014 International. Any player already has it downloaded, and with the interactions you can receive from the 2014 International Compendium (with fantastic prizes like a Mini-Pudge courier and weather effects) it is also one of the more attractive options. Client users will also have the chance to win spectator items through the client, which is great if you actually play DotA 2. 

To get the DotA 2 Client, simply download it for free from Steam. Click “Watch,” and find the specific tournament. The 2014 International playoffs start 9 am PDT on July 7, 2014 and content should be available then. 

Accessing DotA 2 content through the client is also a good way to change the way you view. Through  the client you can play with a variety of camera settings and angles, focus on your favorite player or simply free roam. This style leads to a lot of playing around and options, and is an interesting route to go for fans of the games and teams. 

Twitch Streams

Probably one of the more popular methods of watching DotA 2 is through Twitch. Valve and Twitch have a wide variety of streams in at least four languages. In addition Valve will be offering a “Newcomer Channel,” also known as the noob channel, for people who are interested in the game but maybe don’t know all of the terms or anything about the teams. The Newcomer Channel is a great way for new people to get into the game without spending a lot of time playing or researching. If this map confuses you, try the Newcomer Channel: 

These are all of the Twitch channels for the DotA 2 2014 International: 


DotA 2 Website

Another route to watching the DotA 2 2014 International is through the official DotA 2 website. This has the benefit of having a great deal of information on hand and links to brackets. It is a bit less immersive and involved as some of the other options. 

Banter Mobile Application

If you have an Android or iOS device and want to hear live streams of the games, then one of your best options is a new mobile application called Banter. You will need a Guild Launch account to sign up, but once you have it hooked up you can listen to livestreams of major events (such as the DotA 2 2014 International) as well as chat with other listeners. 

Full disclosure, Banter is a GuildLaunch/GameSkinny product, but it is the best option for mobile users who want their own International fix. 

How are you watching the DotA 2 International? 

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