You can significantly improve your weapons in Wild Hearts by simply following our tier list guide of the best weapon upgrades.

Wild Hearts Best Weapon Upgrades Tier List

You can significantly improve your weapons in Wild Hearts by simply following our tier list guide of the best weapon upgrades.

Every single weapon in Wild Hearts can be improved at the Weapons Forge using Inherent and Inherited skills. You can create up to three different versions of the same weapon type but with different skills attached to them, provided you’ve got the materials. Our guide will provide you with a tier list of the best weapon upgrades in Wild Hearts for every single weapon in the game with short descriptions of all their effects.

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Wild Hearts Best Weapons Upgrade Tier List

S-Tier Weapon Upgrades

These upgrades are the bread-and-butter, which players should focus to get in the first place. These increase attack, stamina, and weapon-specific gauges.

  • Bladed Wagasa:
    • Sublime Dance lengthens the amount of time before the Spindance gauge begins to fall.
    • Dodge Master lengthens the window of time for a successful parry.
    • Time Changer lengthens the amount of time that temporary boosts remain in effect.
  • Bow:
    • Able Archer increases the number of Haya arrows you can fire after a successful execution of a combo.
  • Cannon:
    • Destruction Art makes all parts of Kemono easier to destroy.
    • Stowed Weapon Art increases the speed of stowing your weapon.
    • High Spirits reduces the heat gauge level at which Cannon goes into thermal runaway.
    • Speed Charge makes the Charge gauge fill more readily.
  • Claw Blade:
    • Core Boost increases maximum stamina.
  • Karakuri Katana:
    • Duel Master boosts Release gauge by 10%.
  • Karakuri Staff:
    • Kaleidoscope lengthens the amount of time before the mutation level resets.
    • Transformative Strike increases the starting mutation level.
    • Transformative Guard boosts defense for a while on every mutation level increase.
  • Maul:
    • Helve Extension Training prevents reeling when attacking with an extended Maul.
    • Extended Rap boosts attack with an extended Maul.
    • Rapid Halt makes it harder to lose stamina after a successful aerial Helve extension.
    • Shockwave makes it easier to render Kemono unconscious with extended attacks.
  • Nodachi:
    • Iai Art reduces stamina consumption by 10%.
    • Drawing Dice boosts Valor gauge build up while in an Iai Stance.

A-Tier Weapon Upgrades

This category of upgrades is focused on supporting your health and resistances, as well as various weapon-specific movesets.

  • Bladed Wagasa:
    • Spindance Saver inhibits Spindance gauge depletion while your weapon is stowed.
    • Recovery Boost increases amount of health recovered.
  • Bow:
    • Slight of Hand: Fury boosts attack after conjuring a Karakuri.
  • Cannon:
    • Speed Build speeds up the deployment and removal of Ki bases.
  • Claw Blade:
    • Blaze Recovery speeds up recovery from being set ablaze.
  • Karakuri Katana:
    • Final Blow boosts attack power against toppled Kemono.
  • Karakuri Staff:
    • Combined Arts: Attack boosts all power attacks by 10%.
    • Destiny provides a chance of reducing injury.
  • Maul:
    • Flame Wielder makes it possible to set Kemono ablaze by landing successive strikes.
    • Tunnel Vision makes extension harder to achieve, but boosts attack if extension is successful.
  • Nodachi:
    • Steely Iai prevents reeling from attacks when charging.
    • Strong Arm: Spirit boosts the chance of landing critical hits for a while when Hunter’s Arm is activated.

B-Tier Weapon Upgrades

Don’t neglect these upgrades either, although they may seem not as important. But when applied, you will see that your gameplay has become much more effective.

  • Bladed Wagasa:
    • Fusion Stalwart inhibits stamina depletion for a while after conjuring a Fusion Karakuri.
    • Stowed Weapon Boost: Ironclad reduces injury while your weapon is stowed.
    • Heavenly Dance makes the Spindance gauge fill more readily.
  • Bow:
    • Verve boosts attack and defense when at max health.
  • Cannon:
    • Volley makes faster salvos possible when the charge gauge is above empty.
    • Speed Heat makes the Heat gauge fill more readily.
    • Thread Thrift reduces Charge gauge depletion.
  • Claw Blade:
    • Fleet Foot boosts attack for a while after a sliding dodge.
  • Karakuri Katana:
    • Reutilization recovers a small amount of Karakuri thread when a conjured Karakuri is dismantled.
    • Karakuri Coordination: Fury boosts the power of attacks incorporating basic Karakuri.
  • Karakuri Staff:
    • Poison Wielder makes it possible to leave Kemono poisoned by landing successive strikes.
    • Water Wilt occasionally reduces Kemono’s water resistance when making a water-based attack.
    • Fire Wilt occasionally reduces Kemono’s fire resistance when making a fire-based attack.
  • Maul:
    • Power Smash Boost: Attack boosts the power of spinning attacks with an extended Maul.
    • Fillip inhibits stamina loss when health is low.
  • Nodachi:
    • Battle Swordsmanship: Ironclad prevents reeling while unleashing Attack 1 or Attack 2.

Those are the best weapon upgrades in Wild Hearts. Also, check out our official Wild Hearts review, and stay tuned for more Wild Hearts tips and tricks articles.

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