Wild Hearts: Weapon Skill Inheritance Explained

Weapon Inheritance is one of the core customization systems in Wild Hearts. Find out how it works here.

Wild Hearts has a fairly involved weapon customization system that revolves around defeating Kemono and using their parts to make better and better gear. Upgrading your weapons has an additional step: Skill Inheritance, where you can transfer skills from a previously crafted weapon onto a new one. We’ll go over all the specifics of this system in this guide.

How Weapon Skill Inheritance Works in Wild Hearts

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Once you craft any base weapon in Wild Hearts, you open up a section of that weapon’s upgrade tree. Many of the later weapons have two types of Skill associated with them: Inherent and Inherited.

Inherent Skills are unique to that weapon specifically and cannot be transferred as the weapon improves or changes shape.

An Inherited Skill, on the other hand, can move from one weapon to another as you move through the upgrade tree. Weapons that can Inherit have one or more slots showing on their screen. When you upgrade (move further down the tree) to a weapon with available Inheritance slots, you can move that many Skills from the lower-quality weapon to the new one as the slots will allow.

Note that if you reach the maximum number of Skills on a weapon, you won’t be able to add any more, and the game will tell you so. To choose different Skills, close out of the Enhance screen and reopen it, deciding on other Skills.

If you choose to Inherit Skills you don’t like, you can revert your weapon to a previous version for a small Gold fee. All the materials you used to Enhance the weapon will be refunded, and you can start over again. Anything farther down on the tree will also have additional open slots for you to choose from, so the only cost for choosing the “wrong” Skills is a little bit of Gold.

Which Skills you choose to Inherit will depend on the build you’re trying to create. Early game, damage, and survivability are your main concerns, as you’re still learning the monsters and the maps. You don’t have nearly as many tools or as much experience as is necessary to optimize anything.

By the time you reach the endgame, proper Inheritance becomes much more critical, though it isn’t the only thing you’ll need to consider.

The upgrade system in Wild Hearts is also a bit more complex thanks to the armor and Talisman choices, but hopefully, these tips on Inheritance help you as you progress through the game. For more on Wild Hearts, including our review in progress, check out our hub for the game.

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Published Feb. 13th 2023

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