You'll want all the Fusion Karakuri you can get to make the most of the gameplay in Wild Hearts. Here's how to unlock them.

Wild Hearts: How to Unlock Fusion Karakuri

You'll want all the Fusion Karakuri you can get to make the most of the gameplay in Wild Hearts. Here's how to unlock them.

Karakuri are the defining gameplay systems of Wild Hearts, adding the kind of combat variety Wirebugs did for Monster Hunter Rise, even if EA’s version still isn’t as complex as Capcom’s seminal series. Placing a piece of basic Karakuri on any of the maps will immediately and permanently place it in your world until you destroy it yourself, and fusion Karakuri combines specific sets of basic tech to make something new.

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Unlocking and using fusion karakuri, however, is a whole other ballgame. We’ll explain how to do it in this guide.

How to Get Fusion Karakuri in Wild Hearts

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The first Fusion Karakuri you unlock is the Bulwark during your first Kingtusk fight. Earning the ability to use additional variants follows the same basic structure.

  • Whenever you encounter a new monster, you can activate a quick-time event when the kemono takes a specific action. The Kingtusk, for instance, starts to charge when the QTE for Bulwark appears.

Press the left bumper or L1 to initiate the construction of the fusion Karakuri, then follow the button prompts when time slows. If you do it right, a brief animation showcases what the fusion is capable of, and you’ll unlock the ability to use the fusion whenever you like.

One thing to bear in mind: you need to have the proper combination of Basic Karakuri equipped on your hotbar and enough Celestial Thread to build all of them. They’ll also all need to be connected, so if you’re trying to build while on the move or on uneven ground, you might find yourself constructing a haphazard tower of the basic stuff.

Many Fusion Karakrui are also locked behind two things:

  • Finding specific kemono monsters.
  • Having unlocked particularly Basic Karakuri.

You’ll also earn the ability to equip many different Basic Karakuri throughout the game, far more than you can have equipped to your hotbar at any one time.

To see which Fusion Katakuri you have and which you still have to acquire, head to the Karakuri menu.

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If you don’t yet have a Fusion, you’ll see the kemono’s world-map icon. Hovering over the icon shows you which Basic Karakuri you need available to have the QTE activate.

You’ll have a few chances during a hunt to complete the on-screen prompts, as the kemono will mildly prioritize using the proper attack for you to do so. They won’t do so forever, and you’ll need to do another hunt if you want a second chance.

Which Fusion Karakuri you choose to run depends on your playstyle, the weapon you’re using, and which kemono is up for hunting. But now that you know how to unlock them, you can experiment to your heart’s content. For more Wild Hearts content, check out our guides hub.

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