WildStar Adventure Guide: Crimelords of Whitevale

Follow this guide to get gold medals easily in Crimelords of Whitevale in WildStar!

Follow this guide to get gold medals easily in Crimelords of Whitevale in WildStar!

“Crimelords of Whitevale” is a level 40 adventure in WildStar. It is similar to the first adventure by having different scenarios to choose from. It isn’t completely story based, and what you pick changes the loot at the end.

I’ll go over the easiest route I’ve done and what to do in each section. Follow this guide and you’ll be farming this Adventure with gold medals each time. Ready to become the most notorious criminal on Nexus? I hope so!

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This guide will cover the Crimelords of Whitevale Adventure including: 

  • Notorious – What to do in this adventure, and why notoriety is important.
  • Golden Touch – What’s required to get gold and tips on getting it.


In this adventure you represent the Blood Scions gang and must decide who wiped them out. The first choice you have is who you think is responsible. There are 3 different groups to choose from: 

  • The Darkspur Cartel
  • The Redmoon Marauders
  • Protostar Corporation

After choosing one of the groups to blame, you’ll get an objective. Each group gives a different objective. Once you complete it, go back to the base to move on. 

Each time you  complete an objective, a random event can occur. These include:

  • Fighting enemies at the base and putting out fires
  • Police placing a curfew on everyone
  • Blizzard

For the curfew, don’t let police see you or they’ll kill you, making you lose notoriety.

The blizzard slows you down and makes it hard to get back to base. If you don’t get back in time, or find fire to raise your body temperature, you’ll die.

This adventure also involves gaining notoriety and rep with gangs. There are 3 gangs you can choose to gain rep with:

  • The Rocktown Rollers
  • The Sons of Ravok
  • The Geargrinders

Each gang has 3 bars of reps and you choose a gang to increase rep with, 3 times. If you choose the same gang to gain rep with each time, you’ll max out their rep.

Keep choosing an action for your gang and which gang to gain rep with until you fill up the bar. When this happens, you’ll fight your first boss. 

After beating the boss, you’ll go back to base, then move on to the last boss fight. Beat it and you finish the adventure.

Golden Touch

To get gold, you must have full notoriety at the end of the adventure. The bar does not display the full notoriety, so its best to not die during this adventure. You don’t need to do optional objectives unless you die.

The easiest route I found is choosing Redmoon Marauders as the gang who did it, Alliance as your action, and Rocktown Rollers as the gang to gain rep with.

The choice for your gangs action is random, but if you manage to do Alliance 3 times, you get extra loot.

The first mission requires you to get moonshine to bribe an NPC with. You can find it in one of the boxes at the area the objective takes you. 

  • Instead of scanning, just destroy boxes until you get the moonshine.
  • After taking the moonshine to the NPC, go back to base. You don’t need to wait for him to finish talking.

Alliance quests involve killing several groups of enemies.

Vengeance is the other mission that could come up that you want to choose. This involves going to the ship, Void’s Fury, and escorting an NPC.

  • Let the NPC get threat, and kill all the enemies on your way out of the ship.

The first boss you fight when choosing this route is Captain Onghr. He summons adds during the fight and a bomb if you fight him where he stands. 

  • Pulling him to the one of the sides, near the entrance to the room stops the pull he does, and makes killing adds easier.
  • When doing this, he’ll occasionally run back to his starting point, do not follow him. He’ll come back to you.

The last boss you fight is Cap’n Barugh. You’ll fight small waves of enemies before getting to him. He’s simple, just avoid his telegraphs and you’ll win.

That’s it for the Crimelords of Whitevale guide for WildStar. As long as you didn’t die, you’ll complete this quickly and get gold. If you want any more tips and help, check out our WildStar Guides

If you have any questions, or notice anything I left out, let me know in the comments below!

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