WildStar Adventure Guide: The Malgrave Trail

Want to know how to get gold in the WildStar adventure, Malgrave Trail? Then, check out this detailed guide for everything you need to know.

Want to know how to get gold in the WildStar adventure, Malgrave Trail? Then, check out this detailed guide for everything you need to know.

“The Malgrave Trail” is a level 45 adventure in WildStar. It is reminiscent of the old computer game, The Oregon Trail. Anything could happen to your caravan in this adventure, and it is your job to protect them. There are different routes to take in this one as well.

I’ll go over the easiest route I’ve done and what to do at each section. Even though this route is easy, you can’t speed run this adventure. No matter what you do, it takes an hour or more each time.

I know you don’t want to spend all that time for nothing, so follow this guide to make sure you get your gold medal at the end. Get ready for a long ride!

Credit to the header video goes to PawRevere. He plans on doing more videos for WildStar so be sure to check him out.

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This guide will cover The Malgrave Trail Adventure including:

  • Life on the Trail – What to do in this adventure, and why the caravan is important.
  • The Quest for Gold – What’s required to get gold, and tips on getting it.

Life on the Trail

In this adventure, you must escort a caravan through the Malgrave trail. You start with 30 members and can lose them to a variety of things:

  • Fatigue
  • Lack of water, food, feed
  • Random attacks
  • Trail hazards
  • Getting lost

Pretty much everything on the trail is out to get your caravan members. There are 3 kinds of supplies you must constantly get:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Hay/Feed

Running out of either one of these causes members to start dying and you don’t want that.

As you escort your caravan, you must travel around and gather supplies. After getting some, bring them back to one of the 3 beasts carrying supplies. Several enemies wait ahead, so send a few to take them out before your caravan gets there.

In addition to the supplies, you’ll see a fatigue meter. This goes up as long as you keep moving. You get two chances to camp during the adventure and this lowers your fatigue.

Once you make it to the end, you’ll be rewarded based on how many caravan members survived.

The Quest for Gold

To get gold in this adventure, all 30 members of the caravan must survive. So far I’ve seen silver obtained with as low as 20 surviving members.

This is the route I take to get gold:

  • Greenleaf Ridge
  • Winged Fury Crest
  • Sandyhive
  • Blisterbone Staging Grounds
  • Uboshwa

To make this easy:

  • Have the tank and a DPS go ahead of the group and clear any enemies, picking up supplies along the way.
  • The healer and another DPS can gather supplies the entire time, helping the other two when needed.]
  • One DPS should stay near the caravan to watch out for random events. This job is boring but needed to get gold.
  • The Zen Radar addon makes it very easy to find supplies.
  • When enemies are near the caravan, pull them away so their telegraphs won’t hit any of them. If they do, someone will die, and you’ll lose gold.
Greenleaf Ridge

This path has mostly spiders and a giant bird to kill.

  • After arriving at Greenleaf Ridge, talk to the caravan master and turn on all the thumpers. They glow to make it easy to find them.
  • These stop the stemdragons from going to your caravan, so turn all of them on.
  • You’ll fight several stemdragons, so pull them away from the caravan. Be sure to loot because you get supplies.
  • When you’ve killed them all, you can move on to the next part.
Winged Fury Crest

This path has more stemdragons, so kill them quickly. You’ll be asked to camp, but don’t camp at this one. You’ll also have scorpions to kill along the way.

Once you get there, talk to the caravan master and you’ll have to repair the teleporter.

  • There are 3 kinds of items to attach and you can put a total of 5 on.
  • When you attach the items and try to turn it on, it will give you a hint on how many of each type you need.
  • Keep attaching the specified items until you fix it.
  • During this time, have 2 or 3 people guard the caravan because random dreg attacks happen. Stun them before they do their telegraph and move them away from the caravan.
  • As soon as you move on, wolves attack behind the caravan, so be ready.
Sandy Hive

This path has fire flowers that you need to pay attention to. They spit fire on the ground that kills your members.

You can turn them off, but they come back on after a while. Wait until the caravan gets near to turn them off.

Once you arrive, you’ll have several groups of buzzbings, and a torcher, for each group to kill.

  • The buzzbings give food and feed. If you kill a torcher, the buzzbings stop fighting and you can’t kill them for food.
  • Kill buzzbings and leave torchers until you’ve maxed out on food and feed. After that, kill all the torchers.
Blisterbone Staging Grounds

After leaving Sandy Hive, you’ll get prompted to camp. Make sure you camp this time or you’ll get full fatigue and people will die.

During the camp, gather as many supplies as you can and wait for the meter to get low. Keep a person or 2 near the caravan to watch for random attacks.

After leaving camp you’ll head to Blisterbone Staging Grounds. Once you arrive, talk to the caravan master. Now, you must destroy all the weapon caches.

  • During this part, the caravan is safe from random attacks.
  • Kill the enemies on the path and mini-boss at the end. Hit the drum to bring him out.
  • After all that, destroy the weapon caches to move on.

Continue to watch for random events on the last stretch. Once you get there, you’ll have to fight small waves of enemies, and two bosses at the end.

  • Don’t walk into the boss area, wait for all the enemies to come out before fighting the bosses.
  • You can place the bosses to hit each other with their telegraphs.

After beating these bosses, you’ve completed the adventure.

The guide for “The Malgrave Trail” in WildStar is finally over! If you have any questions, or suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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