WildStar PvP Guide: Daggerstone Pass

Explosions! Check out this guide on WildStar's battleground, Daggerstone Pass!

Explosions! Check out this guide on WildStar's battleground, Daggerstone Pass!

The latest patch for WildStar, or drop as they call it, is Sabotage. This adds several class changes and PvP fixes. The biggest addition is the new battleground, Daggerstone Pass. This battleground is a 15 versus 15 player all-out war. Get ready for a lot explosions!

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This guide will cover everything about Daggerstone Pass including:

  • Battleground Mechanics – The object of the game, and how to win.
  • Battle Tips – Tips for surviving on this explosive battlefield.

Battleground Mechanics

The goal is simple, destroy the enemy base before they destroy yours. In practice, it is a little harder.

Control Points

There are 3 points each team fights over. They are Mines, No Man’s Land, and Bunker.

Controlling these points causes damage to the enemy base. The more points you have, the more damage you do to their base.


But wait, there’s more! There are also bombs to watch out for. Ships periodically deliver bombs to each team’s base for players to pick up. After picking a bomb up, you have a limited time before they explode.

There are several things you can do with a bomb, including:

  • Attacking the enemy base.
  • Blowing up enemy players.
  • “Accidentally” blowing up teammates.
  • Getting revenge killed by said teammates.
  • Spending the rest of the time blowing each other up instead of actually trying to win.

I wouldn’t recommend the last 3. If you want to win, stick with blowing up enemy players and their base. When going after players, it’s a good idea to drop it in the middle of a big battle. Keep them from touching the bomb so that it explodes.

Battle Tips

Though the concept of Daggerstone Pass is simple, the execution takes some work. This battleground involves a delicate balance between holding points, stopping the opposing team from setting bombs off in your base, and blowing them up in theirs.

If you don’t want your base to turn into the setting of a Michael Bay film, follow these helpful tips.

  • Always pay attention to the announcements and screen messages. If you see that your base is under attack, it means the other team has entered your base with a bomb.
    • Get at least 2-3 people back to base to stop them and take the bomb.

  • Hold the control points! This is very important. Aim to hold at least 2 points because it does damage to their base. Just running bombs won’t win the game if their team holds 2-3 bases.
    • Each control point has a purple buff that looks like a little person. This increases stealth detection to counter those pesky Stalkers. 
    • If a Stalker picks it up, they get taken out of stealth.
  • Grab bombs! Even though it is most important to defend your base and hold control points, bombs do massive damage to their base. Keep running bombs to increase your lead to the point of hopelessness for the other team.
    • When taking bombs to the base, it is a good idea to take at least a healer with you.
    • Another person or 2 wouldn’t hurt either. You need to make sure the bomb explodes and that the other team doesn’t take the bomb before that happens.

The bottom line is, strike a balance. You’ll have to constantly change your strategy from bombing, to holding points, to taking bombs out of your base before they blow up.

Sometimes you’ll need a lot of defense on the control points and can’t afford to run bombs. Other times, you’ll need to defend your base hardcore so that they don’t blow it up. Keep adapting to the situation.

That’s it for this guide to the Daggerstone Pass battleground in WildStar. For more tips and guides, please visit our WildStar guides page.

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