WildStar Tradeskills Guide: How to Level Crafting

Check this guide out to learn how to level your crafting tradeskills easily in WildStar!
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There are plenty of things to craft in WildStar and several crafting tradeskills to choose from. After learning How to Craft, you might want to know how to level your crafting. Don’t worry I got you covered on that as well.

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Whether you want to make epic weapons and armor, potions, items to go in your house, or even food for buffs – tradeskills are a great way to spend time in WildStar. I’ll help you level your crafting to max level so you can get started on those veteran level items.

This article will cover everything about leveling crafting tradeskills in WildStar including:

  • Crafting Dailies – What they are, why they are important, and where to get them.
  • Leveling Crafting – Tips on leveling crafting tradeskills easily.

Crafting Dailies

Crafting dailies are quests you can complete every day. You can find these quests at boards in various zones. The quests require you to craft a certain number of a particular item for your tradeskill.

These quests give a large amount of experience for your tradeskill so you should do them. Completing all the crafting quests at one of the boards gives you enough experience to reach the next tier. The tiers are:

  • Novice
  • Apprentice
  • Journeyman
  • Artisan
  • Expert

There is actually another tier called Expert Research, but that involves crafting veteran level gear and works differently from the other tiers. It’s also unlocked when you reach expert so you don’t need to do anything extra.

Below are the locations of each crafting quest board:


  • Algoroc – Gallow
  • Celestion – Sylvan Glade 
  • Exile Capital City – Thayd
  • Whitevale – Thermock Hold
  • Farside – Touchdown Site Bravo
  • Wilderrun – Fool’s Hope
  • Malgrave – Redsand Station
  • Southern Grimvault – The Final Stand


  • Ellevar – Lightreach Mission
  • Deradune – Feralplain Collective
  • Dominion Capital City – Illium
  • Whitevale – Palerock Post
  • Farside – Sovereign’s Landing
  • Wilderrun – Fort Vigilance
  • Malgrave – Fort Dominus
  • Southern Grimvault – Vigilant Incursion

For the exiles, Gallow and Sylvan Glade are separate starting areas, so you only need to do quests at one of these. The same goes for Dominion with Lightreach Mission and Feralplain Collective.

Leveling Crafting

Crafting dailies can give you quests for items at the top of the tech tree, or deeper in. This is why doing these quests gets you to the next level.

  • Get all the quests, then look at your tech tree. Find where each item is located on the tech tree.
  • If an item is further down the tree, craft the items that get you to that part of the tree.
  • This gives you experience for crafting all those items and gets you to your desired item so you can complete the quest.

Once you complete all crafting quests in an area, you will advance to the next tier. You don’t have to craft anything else in that tier unless you want to complete everything, or get more talent points. Just move on to the next crafting area, as long as you are high enough level.

Crafting Talent Points

Talent points makes certain aspects of crafting easier. For example, in tailoring, you can select a talent to increase experience gained from successful crafting. You can also choose one to increase experience from failures. 

Many more are available as you get more talent points, like the ability to lower the overcharge when using mismatched microchips in tailoring.

You get these crafting points by completing certain achievements on the tech tree. Items with a star on the tech tree grant talent points. If you want to fill all your talent points, be sure to work towards these achievements.

That’s everything on leveling your crafting tradeskills in WildStar. If you want any more tips and help, check out our WildStar Guides

If you have any questions, or suggestions, let me know in the comments below!

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