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Will Risk of Rain Returns Get Steam Workshop Support? Answered

Will Risk of Rain Returns get Steam Workshop support? Here's what we know.

While the remaster of Risk of Rain has plenty of content to blast through, including the new Providence Trials, you may be wondering if it’s going to get support post-launch. Indeed, you may be wondering about community mods, too. So, will Risk of Rain Returns get Steam Workshop support?

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Will Steam Workshop Support Come to Risk of Rain Returns?

Risk of Rain is a series with a highly developed and loyal modding community. Just look at Risk of Rain 2 and the various Thunderstore mods and quality-of-life updates. So it’s natural to wonder whether Returns will follow in that game’s footsteps and receive mods via the Steam Workshop. There are even modders from past games working on the development team.

The short answer is that while Returns isn’t supported on Steam Workshop now, it might be in the future. This comes from a developer statement on Hopoo’s Discord server. Sarn, one of the developers at Hopoo, stated that the priority is making the game run smoothly. From there, they’re looking to introduce mod support eventually.

Planning to update everything until it’s all smooth and the major flaws are worked out. [The development team] would love to add somee new content over time. [The] game will at least get mod support before the end of its life.

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While it’s exciting to know that mods are coming to Risk of Rain Returns, we still don’t know when that will be. And, unfortunately, the development team didn’t specifically confirm Steam Workshop support, so we’ll have to wait (with bated breath) and see if Hopoo’s track record changes. Neither Risk of Rain nor Risk of Rain 2 have mods through the Steam Workshop.

Despite not knowing more about Steam Workshop support, any news about mods is great news to hear as an RoR fan. The series has always been closely tied to its modding community. I personally can’t wait to see what the mod scene comes up with. New survivors and items are just the start. I expect new levels, bosses, and Providence Trials, as well. After all, Returns has a much better codebase than the original allowing for more room to maneuver and be creative from a development standpoint.

For now, that answers the question of whether or not Risk of Rain Returns will get Steam workshop support. A modding community and especially one through Steam can drastically extend the shelf life of a game, and I hope Returns mods come soon. For more articles on the game, check out our RoRR guides.

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