Will Starfield Have Co-op? Answered

You may want to know whether Starfield has co-op multiplayer before you buy.

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The galaxy is the limit in terms of possibilities and hopes placed into the upcoming Starfield, the space-faring RPG from Skyrim and Fallout 4 developer Bethesda. Literally, actually. You get a whole galaxy to play with, its 1000+ planets at your exploration’s whim. As is often a question among prospective buyers these days, some are wondering whether Starfield co-op will be a thing. We’ve got the answer, though you may not like it.

Will Starfield Have Co-op?

  • Starfield is being designed as a singleplayer experience with a companion and crew system.
  • Players will be able to meet NPCs as crewmates, but there are no indications there will be any sort of multiplayer on release.

As it was shown at the Starfield Direct last month and as all promo materials and the Steam Store page indicate, there is no confirmed multiplayer for the game. Of course, this means there’s no confirmed co-op either. This may come as a disappointment for those who are multiplayer-oriented or just want another game to play with their friends. Not every game needs co-op, though, and really: considering the bugginess of their games overall, would multiplayer even be a good idea?

It’s always possible that multiplayer co-op could be added to Starfield with a later expansion, but to err on the side of caution on release is probably the best course of action. After all, there are still plenty of bugs in Skyrim despite its array of re-releases, not to mention the Fallout series or older The Elder Scrolls titles. If Bethesda are interested in adding co-op at a later date, more power to them, but it’s best to get a stellar release product out first.

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