To upgrade weapons in Wo Long: fallen Dynasty, you'll need to know a couple of things first. We explain the system in this guide.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty — Weapon Upgrade Guide

To upgrade weapons in Wo Long: fallen Dynasty, you'll need to know a couple of things first. We explain the system in this guide.

While it’s not a Nioh game in name, the process required to upgrade weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty clearly follows the Soulslike. Like other genre games, you’ll find arms as you play, and you’ll find materials that increase the stats of those arms. Luckily, upgrading weapons here is a bit easier than something like Dark Souls

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How to Upgrade Weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

To upgrade weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you need two resources.

  • Copper
  • Steel

You’ll need a certain amount of Copper, which mostly drops from enemies but can be found almost everywhere.

The more difficult material to find is Steel. Like upgrading armor with Leather, you’ll need Steel of an according rank to level up your weapon of choice. It’s similar to other Soulslike, but thankfully, upgrading Wo Long weapons only requires Steel, not multiple materials or resources.

Regardless of which rank you’re upgrading to, you’ll only need 3 corresponding pieces of Steel to do so. For example, upgrading a weapon from base rank to +1 requires 3 Rank 1 Steel, and upgrading from +8 to +9 requires 3 Rank 9 Steel. 

Where to Upgrade Weapons

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You can only upgrade your weapons at the game’s solitary blacksmith, Zhu Xia. During the game’s early missions (in Part 1 and Part), she will appear in missions to aid you at certain points. But once you unlock the Hidden Village hub area, she will move there.

After a certain point, she will set up her own shop that can be found down the tree branch path to the right of where you spawn into the Hidden Village when traveling back there. You can’t upgrade weapons at Battle Flags. 

How to Find Weapon Upgrade Materials

While you can always check a given level’s rewards in Wo Long, many of the best upgrade materials are found by thoroughly searching your environment.

A good rule of thumb is this: 

  • If a level says it will reward you with Rank 2 Steel, you know there will be an abundance of that upgrade material found there. However, there’s also likely to be a small number of Rank 3 Steel drops, too.

But that’s how you upgrade weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. These tips should help you find the upgrade materials you are looking for, as well as the blacksmith’s location. For more tips on Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Wo Long guides.

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