World of Warcraft Legion: What to Do at Level 110

Need to know what to do at 110 in Legion? This guide has everything you need!

Need to know what to do at 110 in Legion? This guide has everything you need!

The Legion expansion for World of Warcraft has a lot to do while leveling, and even more at the new max level of 110. There have been changes to how daily quests work, there is a new zone and story line, gearing for harder content, plus there is your artifact weapon and class order hall.

Not everyone knows how important some of the choices are if you are trying to get ready for raiding as soon as possible. I’m going to help by explaining what things you should focus on after getting 110.

This guide will go over what to focus on when you get to max level in Legion including:

  • Artifact Knowledge – What it is and why it is important.
  • Class Order Hall Campaign – Why you should focus on this early.
  • Suramar – The new area that opens when you reach level 110
  • World Quests – How they work and why they are important.
  • Dungeons – The rewards you can get from doing dungeons.
  • Professions – How the new system works.

Artifact Knowledge

Artifact Power is very important because you need it to access Artifact Traits on your Artifact weapon. After a certain point you need thousands to get the next trait and it just goes up from there.

wow legion artifact knowledge

  • Artifact Knowledge increases the amount of artifact power you get when you use items. Each level increases it by 25% and there are 25 total levels.
  • You can start getting Artifact Knowledge at level 110 by doing Artifact Work Orders in your Class Order Hall.

You will get a quest to talk to an NPC that starts the work orders. It takes 5 days for each level. There is a mechanic in place that will shorten the time it takes to do these if you are very behind.

You can keep playing the game like normal, the Artifact Knowledge will just lower the time it takes to fill up your artifacts as the weeks go by.

It is not worth waiting until higher Artifact Knowledge levels before completing things. It is only meant to let people catch up and to make the higher levels of the weapon possible.

Since it takes multiple days to do, you want to start these work orders as soon as you hit 110.

Class Order Hall Campaign

This is another thing that takes days because of artificial limits. Each class campaign involves sending Order Hall champions out on 10 long missions. 5 of these take 8 hours, and 5 of these take 12 hours.

These are missions that you must wait for before progressing, so you can just go back to playing. Other than that, each class has their own objectives. The long missions are just a smaller part in the overall class story.

This is important because you unlock the 3rd artifact slot on your weapon when you complete the campaign. You also get a free relic for that slot, a huge artifact knowledge reward, and a piece of your class order hall armor set.

If you want to get your weapon to the highest it can be, this is the only way.


This is the area that opens at 110 and it is very useful for many reasons.

  • Suramar has many quests and you will get a lot of artifact power for completing them.
  • Rep in Suramar is very important because you need it to unlock 2 dungeons and world quests.
  • There are professions and class quests that often involve Suramar.

Suramar will take you a long time, so need to rush through it. It is important to get to Friendly as quick as you can, because it is a requirement for unlocking world quests.

World Quests

These replaced daily quests in Legion. Every day there are multiple quests called World Quests in each Legion zone.

wow legion world quests

To unlock World Quests, you must be Friendly with the main faction in each zone, including Suramar. Below is a list of those Factions.

  • Azuna – Court of Farondis
  • Val’sharah – Dreamweavers
  • Highmountain – Highmountain Tribe
  • Stormheim – Valarjar
  • Suramar – The Nightfallen

The world quests are indicated by the exclamation points on the map. When you hover over 1, you’ll see which faction it is for, the time left, objectives, and reward.

  • The bottom left of the above picture shows the emissary quests.
  • Every day you get a new Faction listed on the bottom left.
  • If you complete 4 world quests for that faction, you will get a quest to turn in.
  • The rewards are 1,500 rep with that faction, and a chest that can contain multiple things such as artifact power or even legendary items.

Each new emissary last for 3 days, and you can have up to 3 active at a time. The one on the far left will expire first, so do those before the others.


When you reach an overall item level of 810, you can start queuing for heroic dungeons. Each day, your first one grants a lot of artifact power and gold, but you can continue to get smaller amounts after that.

You also get a chance of getting a legendary item every time you do a heroic or higher dungeon. Plus it will get you geared for when raids are available.


In Legion, professions have their own quest lines. If you want to be able to craft or make the highest items, you need to do these quests.

You also need high level crafted wrists to complete a quest to unlock the Obliterum Forge in Dalaran. This allows you to break down crafted gear for Obliterum, which is used to upgrade your other crafted gear.

That’s all for my guide on what to do at 110 in Legion. Let me know if you have any questions, or anything to add!

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