Want to get a good look at every skin in Wormax.io? Here you go!

Wormax.io Skin Gallery for Your Viewing Pleasure

Want to get a good look at every skin in Wormax.io? Here you go!
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Everyone’s familiar with Slither.io by now, but no so much the many many clones that have popped up due to its popularity. Wormax.io is one such clone, but it’s worth a shot if you want more slithering action but are tired of the same old-same old with Slither.

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Wormax.io is incredibly similar to Slither.io and has the same core gameplay with some much-needed additions. You can check out what’s different about Wormax in this other article.

But here we’re looking at skins. At the time of writing the game has 45 skins, some familiar and some… not so familiar. We’ve got multicolor worms, we’ve got solid-color worms, we’ve got worms with spikes and worms that look like animals. All the worms you could want! It’s a wormy world, huh?

You do have to share Wormax.io on social media to unlock skins. Well, sort of — you can certainly click on a “Share” button then exit the tab/window to avoid sharing and get the skins without promoting the game. It’s up to you.

And with that, we’re moving onto the skins themselves. They are sorted by the type of skin they are. For instance animal skins are together, as are neon skins and those with white spikes. When you’re flipping through trying to pick one they all seem to mesh together, but here you can see them all together to choose which one you want.

Non-spiked color skins

Animal skins

Blue-eyed cat

Pink-eyed cat

Wide-eyed cat

Grumpy cat






Floppy-eared dog


White spiked skins

Neon skins

And that is it for Wormax.io skins for now! 45 is quite a lot and it’s hard to choose, but hopefully having all your options listed like this will make it easier for you to choose the worm that suits you best. No matter what you look like, you need to be a worm-killing machine!

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