WoW Dragonflight: How to Get Barter Bricks

Knowing how to get Barter Bricks in WoW: Dragonflight is essential for getting profession recipes.

Loamm Niffen Renown screen in WoW Dragonflight
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Before you can get Barter Bricks in WoW: Dragonflight, you’ll have to fulfill a few prerequisites with Loamm Niffen and Ponzo, who you’ll be trading with using these bricks.

How to Get Barter Bricks in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

First, you need to reach Renown 3 with Loamm Niffen. I hit Renown 3 shortly after arriving in Loamm and continuing to complete campaign quests that introduce you to the town, so this requirement shouldn’t take you too long.

Second, you’ll need to find Ponzo and accept “Get Rich Quick,” a quest that has you sell Ponzo’s Cream and Glimmerogg Timeshare Vouchers to other Niffen around Loam. This quest rewards you a Barter Brick.

Once you’ve met both of these requirements, you’ll get “Bartering 101” from Ponzo. This quest unlocks daily quests that can give you up to 10 Barter Bricks per day.

You can also get Barter Bricks from Sniffseeking, although you’ll only get up to four. Then, killing rares and opening treasures have a slight chance of rewarding you with Barter Bricks, too.

From there, you can start to exchange Barter Bricks for other items. Since the amount you can get per day through quests is limited, it might take awhile to farm the number of bricks you need with the low drop rate from rares and treasures in Zaralek Caverns.

And that’s the first step into the Niffen bartering system. Now, you’ll be able to purchase the profession recipes by changing Barter Bricks into Ponzo’s Cream and Glimmerogg Timeshare Vouchers. For more content, check out our World of Warcraft guide page as we work to cover the latest additions brought with Patch 10.1.

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