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WoW: Dragonflight — How to Get the Molten Hoard Treasure

The method for how to get the Molten Hoard treasure in WoW: Dragonflight is a bit dangerous.

One of the many treasures added in Patch 10.1, the method for how to get to the Molten Hoard treasure in WoW: Dragonflight can be painful. Despite the absence of enemies around the chest, you still run the risk of dying while trying to open it. Let’s go into how to crack it open successfully, with minimal risk.

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How to Get the Molten Hoard Treasure in WoW: Dragonflight

Since the Molten Hoard is in Aberrus in Zaralek Cavern, prepare to go swimming in lava. This treasure, unlike many others in the zone, doesn’t require a key to unlock. You don’t even need to solve a puzzle before you can interact with it.

The coordinates for the Molten Hoard are (X:48.37, Y:22), but you might go to the open area above the chest out of instinct like I did. However, this is one of the instances where the chest is underground instead.

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The Molten Hoard sits submerged in lava above a small lava waterfall with metal bars sectioning it off. As an extra layer of difficulty, you can’t ride your drake in this cave and it will despawn shortly after you enter.

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I used Whirling Surge right before entering the cave, and the momentum was enough to get me past the bars and close to the Molten Hoard. Even though I put my shield up (I play a mage), it didn’t take long for me to die while retrieving this treasure. Part of that is due to taking screenshots before I opened the Molten Hoard, but the lava will lower your health quickly either way.

As a reward for braving the lava, you’ll receive a cosmetic sword called Molten Primal Fang along with other items in the Molten Hoard.

With that, you know how to open the Molten Hoard. Check out our WoW: Dragonflight guides to open more new treasures added in Zaralek Cavern like Dreamer’s Bounty and the Well-Chewed Chest.

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