Undead Crafting in Undercity
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WoW SoD: Best Professions in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery

The best professions to pick up in WoW Classic Season of Discovery.

The professions in Retail WoW are much different than they used to be. As such, you might not be sure what to pick if this is your first time experiencing Vanilla WoW. To help out, here are the best professions in WoW Classic Season of Discovery.

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Best Professions to Choose in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

Like in the modern version of WoW, you can only have two primary professions. However, you can still learn all secondary professions, such as First Aid, Cooking, and Fishing. Regardless, I think these are the best to focus on.


WoW Classic Alchemy Recipes
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Alchemy has always been a strong choice, but it’s even more so in Season of Discovery. Being able to craft your own health and mana potions, as well as elixirs, is super useful for both leveling and doing endgame content.

Of course, it’s optimal for you to pair this profession with Herbalism to avoid purchasing all your reagents. I always have a character with Alchemy and Herbalism. This gives me a healthy supply of potions, but it also opens up a consistent way to make money since you can sell what you craft or sell just the reagents on the auction house.

Tailoring and Enchanting

Every character can benefit from a Tailor’s ability to craft bags for inventory space, especially since they’re harder to come across in SoD, even if that class doesn’t wear cloth armor. Since you don’t need a gatherer for Tailoring, pairing it with Enchanting is even more valuable. Enchanting lets you level through Disenchanting items made through Tailoring. Then, you can add stats to your gear with the reagents you gather. Naturally, this combination is even better on a cloth class.

Engineering (On Hardcore)

Engineering is particularly useful if you’re on a Hardcore server. Of course, that means it’s also useful for SoD in general. You get a lot of utility with Engineering, and that can often help you survive fights you wouldn’t have won otherwise. Or you might use tools like a training dummy to escape a battle you know you can’t win. I think the biggest downside is a lot of recipes require quite a few ingredients. So, while Mining helps with most of them, it can still be time intensive to craft items.

Secondary Professions

Undead fishing in Undercity
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You should get all three secondary professions. Fishing is helpful for Cooking, and Cooking gives you buffs through food. If you aren’t a mage, you can also supply mana and health regen items for yourself with Cooking to avoid purchasing them. Gold is harder to get in WoW Classic, so this helps more than you might think. Then, you have First Aid which gives you bandages and anti-venom. Both of those can help take the stress off of a healer in dungeons, or simply cut down on the time you need to recover between battles. Since you can grab all the secondary professions, there’s no reason not to do so.

And that covers the best professions in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. Of course, you should feel free to pick up any professions you want to because they all have their uses. However, this set is particularly nice for leveling and for content like dungeons and raids. From here, check out our WoW Classic guide hub and our WoW Season of Discovery guide hub for more content.

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