WoW SoD: How to Complete Relics of the Tauren in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

Relics of the Tauren has more steps to it than other Rune quests in Season of Discovery. Here's how to complete it.

Tauren Druid turning in quest to trainer
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The world of Rune Engraving opens up at level two, and for Tauren Druids, that means you’ll have to put Wrath and Moonfire to work. If you run out of mana during the process, don’t worry. Fury of Stormrage will make it worthwhile. Here’s how to complete Relics of the Tauren in WoW Classic: SoD.

WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Relics of the Tauren Quest Guide

In Season of Discovery, Relics of the Tauren is your first Rune quest if you’re playing a Tauren Druid. It probably goes without saying that the quest is also exclusive to Horde players, as a result.

Completing it will reward you with Fury of Stormrage. This is a great ability for passive mana conservation and additional healing, especially if you’re building a healer with Restoration spells.

How to Start Relics of the Tauren in WoW SoD

Like Spell Research for Mages, there are only two requirements you need to meet before you can take Relics of the Tauren in Season of Discovery:

  • Create a Tauren Druid.
  • Reach Level 2.

If you’re playing a Night Elf Druid on the Alliance side, your version of this quest would be called Relics of the Kaldorei, which gives the same Rune at the end. On either side, I’ve found that hitting that next level is quite easy, only having you kill a handful of enemies until you ding.

Once you’ve reached level two as a Tauren Druid, you’ll need to speak with your Druid Trainer, Gart Mistrunner. The NPC is located in a tent at the coordinates 45.1, 76.0 in Camp Narache at Mulgore.

Druid Trainer giving player a quest in Camp Narache
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How to Complete Relics of the Tauren in WoW: SoD

Relics of the Tauren surprisingly has more steps to it than other initial Rune quests I’ve completed. You’ll need to do all of the following:

  • Recover the Stolen Relic from Brambleblade Ravine.
  • Reach Level 4.
  • Equip the Lunar Idol to your Relic Slot on your Character Screen.
  • Train Moonfire from your Druid Trainer at Camp Narache.
  • Kill six enemies while they’re afflicted with the Moonfire debuff.
  • Use the Lunar Idol to learn Fury of Stormrage.
  • Turn in Relics of the Tauren to Gart Mistrunner to complete it and receive additional rewards.

There’s a lot to it, especially since you’ll have to kill enemies and quest until you reach level four. That part goes quickly, though. I mainly focused on fighting the Bristleback Quilboars in the Brambleblade Ravine and the Mountain Cougars in Red Cloud Mesa. Plus, I went solo for this one, but if you have a friend, you’ll ding in no time at all.

Where to Find the Stolen Relic in Brambleblade Ravine

Tauren Druid opening a chest on a hill.
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  • Travel east to the Brambleblade Ravine. The entrance is located around 57, 85. Its thorny opening certainly stands out amongst the green plains, so you won’t miss it.
  • I took a sharp left when I entered, which led me to a dead end. You’ll want to follow the path that goes deeper into the Ravine instead. Once you reach an open area with large huts, take a left and continue until you reach a narrow side path that leads uphill to an overlook.
  • For exact coordinates, you’re heading to 61, 75. Once there, you’ll loot the Bristleback Cache to get the Lunar Idol. However, be wary of Bristleback Shamans and Quilboars here. You’ll likely need to kill a few before accessing the chest.

Equip the Lunar Idol and Level Up

Tauren Druid fighting a cougar
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At this point, you’ll open your Character tab and drag the Lunar Idol to your empty Relic slot. You can’t do anything with it yet, though. The tooltip shows that you need to reach level four, so you’ll want to continue questing for a bit.

Or you can just farm enemies like I did. But keep in mind that the Bristlebacks in the Ravine can be challenging if you’re under level three, and they tend to be bunched together. I’d recommend focusing on Plainstriders and Mountain Cougars for a smoother time.

Train the Moonfire Ability and Kill Six Enemies

Once you hit level four, you can train Rank 1 of Moonfire from Gart Mistrunner for one Silver. Then, drag it to your action bar. You’ll need to kill six enemies while Moonfire is on the target. It’s a quick debuff, so I recommend using Wrath a couple of times, then Moonfire, and finishing the foe with your weapon. Alternatively, you can use Wrath if you still have enough mana.

Use the Lunar Idol

World of Warcraft's character screen for a Tauren Druid
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Now, you can use the Lunar Idol from your Relics slot. Simply right-click it to learn Fury of Stormrage. It’ll appear in your Rune list to the right. However, you’re not done yet. You still need to return to your trainer in Camp Narache to officially complete the quest.

All Relics of the Tauren Quest Rewards

  • Fury of Stormrage Rune
  • 85 XP
  • Cracked Leather Vest
  • 50 Thunder Bluff Reputation

What Does Fury of Stormrage Do? Answered

Fury of Stormrage ability description
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In Season of Discovery, Fury of Stormrage is your first Druid Rune, which you’ll engrave into your chest or robe. Unlike Ice Lance for Mages or Penance for Priests, though, this is a passive spell.

It’ll reduce the mana cost of Wrath by 100%, and it gives you a chance to proc an instant cast of Healing Touch. This is major for healers, and it makes leveling that much nicer when you don’t have to worry about too much mana loss.

That covers every step to complete the Relics of the Tauren quest in World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery. Now that you have your first rune, you might want to increase your inventory space and get prepared for potential Waylaid Supplies drops. For more help, head on over to our dedicated SoD guides hub.

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