WoW SoD: Where to Find the Hidden Rune Vendor in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

Wondering where to buy Runes in Season of Discovery? Here's the location of a hidden vendor.

Grizzby standing inside Ratchet Inn
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The Azeroth-wide scavenger hunt for Runes is underway in Season of Discovery. Naturally, more secrets are coming to light as we progress, including a new way to spend gold. In this guide, I’ll detail where to find the hidden Rune Vendor in WoW Classic: SoD

Hidden Rune Vendor Location in WoW SoD

Season of Discovery has turned all of Azeroth into a collaborative game of hide-and-seek when it comes to Rune hunting. And players have discovered an interesting NPC inside the Ratchet Inn. 

Grizzby is a secret Rune vendor hiding in plain sight next to the Ratchet Innkeeper. You can locate him at the coordinates 61.9, 39.3. Oddly enough, you won’t be able to tell that he sells anything at first, because he doesn’t deem you worthy enough for more than a brief greeting. 

How to Get Grizzby to Talk to You 

Grizzby refusing to talk to a player
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When you try to talk to Grizzby, he’ll tell you to “come back once you’re a bit more important” and he suggests that you can’t afford his services. This is a hint that you must gain enough gold before he opens up his wares to you. Of course he wouldn’t be impressed by my measly 14 Silver. I don’t blame him. Since all his wares cost five gold apiece, I imagine you’ll likely need more than that to convince him to speak with you. 

However, that’s only half the battle. Once you save enough gold, you’ll need to complete three quests for him, which involve gathering specific items. You’ll deliver:

  • 24x Fish Oil
  • 20x Dark Iron Ordinance
  • 16x Shredder Turbochargers

All Runes Sold by Grizzby in SoD

There are a total of nine runes in Grizzby’s stock. You don’t need to buy them all, though. Each one is for a specific class, so you’ll only need to spend five gold for the one you need. Here’s the complete list:

  • Priest: Harmonious Epiphany Rune (Chest)
  • Paladin: Rune of Sacrifice (Pants)
  • Rogue: Rune of Main Gauche (Gloves)
  • Shaman: Rune of Dual Wield Specialization (Chest)
  • Mage: Rewind Time Spell Notes (Gloves)
  • Hunter: Rune of Lone Wolf (Chest)
  • Druid: Rune of Survival (Chest)
  • Warrior: Rune of the Warbringer (Chest)
  • Warlock: Rune of the Pact (Pants)

All of these Runes offer major abilities to each class. As a Mage, I definitely have my eye on Rewind Time for its heals. The reward is worth it even if you have to do some grinding and spend a hefty amount of gold. 

Now you know where to find Grizzby, the secret Rune vendor, in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery. With the cat out of the bag, head on over to our dedicated SoD guides hub for more tips, such as how to get a Voidwalker and where to find all Ragefire Chasm quests

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