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Wuthering Waves: All Red Enemies Locations

Here's a complete list of all red enemies locations in Wuthering Waves, with exact map markers.

Red enemies are special types of enemies in Wuthering Waves that have fixed levels and are much stronger than ordinary enemies. Once defeated, red enemies drop 4-Star and 5-Star Echoes. Here, I’ll show you all red enemies’ locations in Wuthering Waves, with map markers for their exact spawn points.

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Where are All Red Enemies in Wuthering Waves

There are 16 red enemies in total in Wuthering Waves that are scattered all over the map. Although they’re hard to beat, it’s really worth farming them for the Echoes they drop. If you’ve defeated all red enemies, then wait for the weekly reset to farm them again, or simply join somebody else’s multiplayer game.

Carapace: Engine Zero Location

The first red enemy can be seen roaming the area to the northeast of Qichi Village. Carapace: Engine Zero guards the territory just past the outpost building.

Viridblaze Saurian Location

I spotted the second red enemy between the Loong’s Gaze Suburbs to the north and Lake Deerslumber to the south. This enemy roams the area with some bones and skeletons scattered around.

Autopuppet Scout Location

This level 40 enemy occupies a deserted plain to the southeast of the Tiderise Cliff beacon. There’s no one else out there, so you can’t miss this bot. There are no other enemies here, so it’s one of the best farming spots, for sure.

Wasteland Bellower Location

Here’s another enemy that roams the empty field of the Shattered Blocks. I was able to locate Wasteland Bellower to the east of the Corroded Ruins, where you can also find an entrance into the underground Tacet Field.

Chasm Rider Location

At this point, I suggest you return to the Qichi Village and fight the Chasm Rider, which is a level 45 enemy. You can see him right at the arch to the northeast of the village.

Sabyrkin Location

Now, head over to the Distribution Center building, which is located to the south of the Tiger’s Maw. Then, climb the hills to the east of the buildings and fight Sabyrkin on top.

Illuminator Theater Location

After that, move to the north of the map into the Misty Coast. On one of the pathways, which I marked on the map above, you’ll encounter all three Illuminator Theaters.

Roseshroom Mutant Location

If you know where the waterfall is near the Donglu Research Center, then you’ll easily be able to find the Roseshroom Mutant. Note that this is a level 60 enemy.

Scorpion’s Nest Location

To encounter the Scorpion’s Nest, you must enter the cave, which is located to the northeast of the Donglu Research Center. Reach the end of the path by unlocking the Scorpion Nest door using the password 2457.

Fractsidus Follower Location

A group of Fractsidus Follower enemies typically can be seen occupying a stretch of the highway in the northern part of the Sea of Flames. You should be able to see them either on top or below the road. If they spawn below the highway, then simply drop off and face them where they stand.

Obelisk Guardian Location

For this encounter, you need to use the Camp Overwatch resonance beacon. Then, move eastward until you reach the edge of the cliff, where this level 86 enemy will be standing.

Prism Heart Location

Go down all the way to the southern edge of the map. Locate the Forbidden Forest and move to the southeast until you reach a field full of Prism Heart enemies.

Young Murmurin Location

This level 100 enemy can be seen roaming an empty field to the southeast of the Violet Banyan. If you use the Thorny Passage beacon, then head over to the west.

Twin Heron Location

To the east of the Fallen Grave, which is famous for the Encryption Block puzzle, you’ll find a small lake with the Twin Heron. This level 110 enemy isn’t alone, so be well prepared for the battle.

Wild Gorilla Location

To encounter the Wild Gorilla, go back to the Thorny Passage resonance beacon and walk in the northern direction. The beast usually walks along the road, so you can’t really miss it. Once again, it won’t be alone, so be careful.

Spearback King Location

Finally, I spotted the last and strongest level 120 red enemy between Port Gunchao to the north and Plateau Ruins to the south. The Spearback King is a bear that sits under the tree, waiting for his prey.

That’s it for my list of all red enemies’ locations in Wuthering Waves. Stay tuned for more WuWa tips and tricks articles right here.

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