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Wuthering Waves Solitary Path Guide: Entering the Correct Password

Not sure how to get into the safehouse? Here's the password you need!

Alongside the new resonator, Yinlin in Wuthering Waves comes a brand new companion quest. This is a great way to uncover more about this intriguing character and collect a few rewards along the way. It’s a multiple-step quest, but the most confusing part is getting the correct safehouse password. So here’s how to do it!

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Solitary Path — How to Enter the Correct Password in Wuthering Waves

To start Yinlin’s quest, you’ll need to open your Quest menu and track the “Solitary Path” quest from your Companion’s Quests tab. Then, answer Chixia’s call to continue. She’ll send you to speak to the Man with Hallow Eyes and Yuanyuan in Jinzhou. If you missed Chixia’s call, don’t worry; you can head straight to Jinzhou to speak to the man and girl.

Yinlin will come along shortly after interacting with the two and ask for your help covering up the signs of struggle. That way, when the patrollers come along, they won’t suspect anything.

You’ll complete a few steps from there before reaching the password section. You’ll head to Huanglong-Central Plains just east of Qichi Village, where you’ll meet Yinlin again. There, you’ll continue following after Lirong and Yuanyuan and fight some enemies. After defeating the enemies, you’ll collect three dolls scattered around. They are mannequin-like puppets standing around the area near the bushes. It’s hard to miss them.

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Afterward, equip your Sensor and use it by pressing the T button on your keyboard or the button on your mobile screen to see the wolf markings. Follow the markings up toward the safehouse entrance. The wolves will point you in the way you need to go.

You’ll enter a small cave where you’ll detect a device on the rocky wall beside the last wolf marking. You’ll need to interact with the device to enter a password and enter the safehouse.

How to Enter the Correct Password

You’ll need a four-number password to enter the safehouse. Thankfully, you can speak to Yinlin, and she’ll give you a clue on how to solve it. She’ll tell you to count all the purple flowers nearby, starting from the ones closest to her and going clockwise. However, she also spills the answer to the password, which is 4-1-2-3.

Solitary Path Wuthering Waves quest safehouse password
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After entering the right password, the entrance will be revealed, and you can continue the quest. Keep following the quest prompts to make your way forward. You’ll go on to solve three different puzzles and battle the Mech Abomination. By completing the quest, you can earn the following rewards:

  • Advanced Resonance Potion x6.
  • Advanced Energy Core x3.
  • Astrite x100.
  • Union EXP x2000.
  • Shell Credit x28000.

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