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How to Get Yinlin in Wuthering Waves (& Is She Worth It?)

Check out this electrifying new resonator!

Yinlin is a new, exciting character in Wuthering Waves. Like every other resonator, you’ll have to pull her through convenes to get her. If you want to add her to your collection or just want to know a bit about her, we have you covered. Here’s how you can get her and if she’s worth having on your team.

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Wuthering Waves Yinlin Guide — How to Pull Her & All Her Abilities

If you’re looking to collect Yinlin to add to your team, you’ll have to wish/pull her from her special featured banner. You’ll need to ensure you get through the tutorial of the game and unlock the Convene menu to start trying to summon her.

How to Pull Yinlin

Within the Convene menu, you’ll see the Event banner, a Featured Resonator Convene, with her picture on it, titled, “When Thunder Pours.” To pull her, you’ll need Radiant Tides, a rarer currency used to make summons. You can use one Radiant Tide to convene once or 10 Radiant Tides to convene ten times simultaneously.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll get Yinlin the first convene, or even the tenth convene, for that matter. You’ll want to save up your Radiant Tides as much as possible and keep trying until you get her. You are guaranteed to pull her after 80 unsuccessful convenes.

How to Get Radiant Tides

There are a few different ways to collect Radiant Tides, but the best way is to convert your other materials.

Head to the Shop tab and go to the Item Exchange tab. Here, you can trade in Afterglow Coral for Radiant Tides. It’s an 8:1 ratio, meaning it’ll cost you eight corals to get one tide. However, you’re more likely to get corals from chests and completing quests, so it’ll be easier to convert them than trying to get Radiant Tides outright.

You can also use Astrite instead of Radiant Tides to make summons, but it’ll cost much more.

Is Yinlin Worth Pulling?

Yinlin is a damage-focused resonator that uses Electro skills. Unlike Calcharo, though, her skills are even more AoE-friendly, hitting multiple enemies simultaneously. Her three main abilities utilize electro and her puppet Zapstring to lash out at all the enemies nearby and strike lightning down on them. She can build up her power with her basic attack and then send a more powerful, enhanced attack that strikes multiple targets. Her ultimate is a rain of lightning all around her, doing several ticks of damage on all enemies in the area.

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If that doesn’t answer your question, then the short and sweet answer is — absolutely! She can easily replace Calcharo on your team. She does the same type of damage as him, but I find it even more effective on multiple enemies and faster. Plus, she has a boost on critical damage, which honestly gives her a higher damage output all around. Plus, you can gather her Ascension Materials to grow her power even more.

If you still aren’t sure you want her, you can try her out on the Ascendant Aces Event page. This preview allows you to try out all her abilities in action. This is the best way to see how she works and if you’ll want her on your team.

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